first_imgEvermore Theatre Company is pleased to announce that Christef Desir has joined the Toronto premiere production of Dry Powder.Desir will star as Seth, a junior partner with a plan to rescue KMM Capital Management, a private equity firm struggling to make a comeback from a PR disaster. “Christef is electric. Seth is a very complex and conflicted character, and Christef really has an amazing and intuitive grasp of that complexity.”, said Evermore producer Greg White.The same week his private equity firm forced massive layoffs at a national grocery chain, Rick Hannel threw himself an extravagant engagement party, setting off a publicity nightmare. Fortunately, Seth, one of Rick’s partners, has a dream of a deal to invest in an American-made luggage company for a song that will rescue his boss from the PR disaster. Twitter Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementcenter_img Advertisement Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more

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Morocco Cannot Tolerate Threats on its Foundational Principles El Othmani

Rabat- Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani has reaffirmed the government’s strong commitment to social dialogue for the benefit of Moroccan citizens, stressing that the country is resolute in its intolerance against any threat to its deeply-rooted principles.During the weekly cabinet meeting on Thursday, El Othmani stated that the government is dedicated to social dialogue with both of the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) and the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), the two most representative trade unions in the country.Though El Othmani admits that there are issues that need to be discussed, he emphasized that the government is actively working to solve challenges to employment in both private and public sectors. He added that the government intended to sign into action prior proposals designed in the framework of social dialogue by the time of the council meeting, but were delayed in the process.Despite the delay, the head of government added that the government’s door is open for dialogue to groups from all backgrounds. El Othmani also thanked institutions that participated in the social dialogue on International Workers Day, May 1.Following the dialogue, El Othmani addressed Morocco’s decision to end diplomatic relations with Iran, stating that Morocco stands firm against any threat aimed at its standing principles.El Othmani stressed that such issues require absolute firmness, and that King Mohammed VI’s stance regarding them is “strong and strict.”With respect to Morocco’s territorial integrity, El Othmani insisted that it is a question that embodies the Moroccan people’s unified voice, wired to defend the nation’s rights, as was recently proved in UN Security Council resolution 2414.The UN Security Council’s decision to adopt a resolution extending MINURSO’s mandate for six months pushes the Polisario Front to cease its provocations and illegal maneuvers in the regions, including Bir Lahlou. Concluding, El Othmani hailed Morocco’s diplomatic efforts to dissolve the separatists groups’ presence east of the Moroccan defense wall: “This shows the world that Morocco, mobilized behind his Majesty the King, defends its rights and handles its issues with strength. read more

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Nigeria counts votes as nation awaits election outcome

YOLA, Nigeria — Vote counting continued Sunday as Nigerians awaited the outcome of a presidential poll seen as a tight race between the president and a former vice-president.Although voting was peaceful in most areas of Nigeria Saturday, there were a few outbreaks of violence in the vast West African country and many reports of delays at polling stations.Many polling stations stayed open after dark to allow people waiting in line to vote. More than 72 million were eligible to vote in the election.Amid the delays, it’s unclear when a winner will be announced.President Muhammadu Buhari, who won election in 2015, is seeking his second term. His main rival is former vice-president and businessman, Atiku Abubakar.The Associated Press

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East Timor UN mission extends civil registration process

According to the UN Mission, the process initially scheduled to end on 20 June, would now proceed through Friday, 22 June. The head of UNTAET’s Civil Registration Unit, Peter Rimmele, said today that registration was “virtually complete outside Dili,” and that four fixed sites and two mobile sites were operating in Dili in order to process last-minute registrants.Civil Registration officials have expressed concern that a significant number of young men who appear not to be from Dili are attempting to register for a second time in the capital. Registering twice does not allow a person to vote twice, and will simply mean that the person’s first registration will be deleted from the registration rolls, UNTAET said in a statement. “Therefore those registering for a second time in Dili will have to return to the capital on election day should they wish to vote.”As of this morning, more than 762,000 people – some 94 per cent of East Timor’s estimated population – have registered.In other news, UNTAET Constitutional Commissions have begun the public hearing phase of the constitutional consultation process, gathering some 400 people in Suai town yesterday, and around 70 in Dili this morning. The hearings aim to seek the views of the East Timorese on what should be considered by the future Constituent Assembly when drafting a constitution. The Commissions – consisting of between five and seven Commissioners, one Rapporteur and one Constitutional Adviser – will be holding public hearings in each sub-district over the next four weeks. The Commissioners have already completed a two-week familiarization tour during which they visited each sub-district to inform the public about the Commission’s work. The public hearing phase is scheduled to end on 14 July. The Constitutional Commissioners will subsequently prepare a report from each district that will ultimately be presented by the Transitional Administrator to a future Constituent Assembly. read more

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Sudan UN in desperate need of funds for Darfur refugees as rains

With the rainy season starting in a few weeks, “we desperately need funds to continue moving refugees to safer camps away from the border, set up more camps for the tens of thousands yet to move and bring in sufficient supplies to meet their needs,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Kris Janowski said.”An urgent injection of new funds is crucial to keep our programmes running and meet the looming deadline of the onset of heavy rains that will block roads and cut access to the refugees,” he told a news briefing in Geneva. The agency has so far received only about two-thirds of the nearly $21 million it has sought, has used it all up and is now resorting to money borrowed from its operational reserve funds.”The situation at the border is very tense and the refugees are under constant threat of incursions from the other side…hence the urgency of moving them further inland,” Mr. Janowski said, stressing that the agency was working in one of the most inhospitable terrains it has ever had to operate in, battling desert, extremely scarce water, sand storms and scant and very poor sandy roads.So far, UNHCR has set up six camps in the interior of Chad for over 68,000 refugees, 58,000 of them brought in by agency convoys from the border while another 10,000 arrived on their own.Last week UN World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director James Morris called the situation “one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world” and last month Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland said the mainly Arab Janjaweed militias were carrying out a coordinated “scorched-earth” campaign of ethnic cleansing.A ceasefire signed on 8 April between the Sudanese Government and two rebel groups in Darfur, the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), is holding, but the same is not true for attacks by the Janjaweed against civilians, including internally displaced persons in and around camps, Mr. Morris told the Security Council. read more

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Ikea Canadas president talks business furniture assembly and winter

Ikea Canada’s president talks business, furniture assembly and winter TORONTO – Ikea Canada’s new president has an eye towards expansion in 2015 but is not saying whether the Swedish furniture giant will add to its 12 Canadian stores or open pickup locations.Stefan Sjostrand, who took on the job last September, says shoppers can expect this year to see a revamped website that is easier to navigate, as the retailer aims to double its online business to 10 per cent of overall sales.Ikea Canada’s overall sales numbers jump more than five per cent to $1.6 billion in 2014.Most known for its affordable, do-it-yourself furniture with tongue-twister names, the retailer will also be pushing improved services for Canadian shoppers including home delivery, personal shopping services, old mattress return and kitchen and bathroom installations.Ikea will also continue with a number of sustainability initiatives this year that included the recent purchase of a 20-turbine wind farm in Pincher Creek, Alta., which produces enough energy for 50,000 homes or 32 Ikea stores.Sjostrand sat down this week with The Canadian Press to talk about moving to Canada and offer tips on putting together the ubiquitous Ikea furniture.The Canadian Press: You are from Sweden and have worked for Ikea in Sweden, the Netherlands, and most recently Paris. How have you found the transition to Canada?Stefan Sjostrand: For me and my family, it has been very easy to integrate into society. I love the Canadians. I love the city of Toronto. We have only been here for five months and it feels like we’ve been here a long, long time. I think that’s a good sign that we like it here. As a Swede, we are quite used to winter as well. I’m a winter person and an outdoor person. I like to be out and we like to go skating, go skiing. We’re going to Whistler in March. We really like to explore Canada as well as a family.CP: Besides a love for hockey, how are Canadians like the Swedes?SS: Canadians are very similar to Swedish people actually. Maybe that’s why I like the city so much. The Swedish like to be outdoors. The home is very important, taking care of your home. Also Canadians like to travel a lot. People in Sweden like to travel a lot. There are a lot of similarities.CP: What differences have you noticed so far about Canadian Ikea shoppers?SS: The biggest difference from a consumer perspective is that Canadians are keen on services. Services are a big thing for Canadians. One of my goals when I came here is to have services as a growth driver in Canada.CP: Who is your target customer at Ikea?SS: Women are super important to us. Women and families with children, that’s the people we want to reach out to. Women make most of the decisions at home and women work more in Canada as well, that’s why there’s an interest in services. In some countries, only one of the family members is working.CP: How much of your house is furnished by Ikea and do you put together your own furniture?SS: About 60 to 70 per cent. It was quite funny (when I went shopping at Ikea in Toronto) because no one in the store knew who I was. When I had to come to the checkout, I had to show my ID, and then I became famous in the store. I’m not handy. I have my thumbs here in the middle. (My tip is) if you just follow the instructions, you’re always successful. I do it mainly with my two daughters. I have a methodology when I do it. I open the box, I sort the screws, I start to read and say where do we start? I’m very methodical doing it.CP: Be honest: as a Swede, do you find it offensive when customers mispronounce the IKEA product names?SS: Not at all. The story behind the names is that the founder was dyslexic so he designed it by names instead of numbers. So the products are names of different cities in Sweden. For example, our sofas have names around a specific region and our outdoor furniture have names after Swedish islands.CP: Do you think Ikea will ever do away with Allen keys and having customers assemble their own furniture?SS: In the beginning, Ikea had assembled furniture but one of the designers found out that if we made it smarter, and we made the packages smaller and more condensed, we can make the product cheaper. That’s how it started. So we made the furniture knocked down: that you do your part, we do our part and together we save money. That we will never go away from. That’s the fundamental concept and that’s what has made us successful over the years.This interview has been edited and condensed.Follow @LindaNguyenTO on Twitter by Linda Nguyen, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 30, 2015 2:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Ikea Canada president Stefan Sjostrand puts together a flat pack table in an Ikea store in Toronto on Wednesday January 28, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young read more

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Negotiators working hard in China to resolve canola trade dispute Freeland says

by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 30, 2016 3:54 am MDT Last Updated Aug 30, 2016 at 10:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email BEIJING, China – Government negotiators in China are working hard to resolve a dispute that could affect Canadian canola exports, says Canada’s international trade minister.Chrystia Freeland, part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s delegation in China, said she understands the “absolute importance” of the two countries’ trade relationship, which includes billions of dollars worth of canola shipments.The two countries disagree about what level of “dockage” — foreign material such as weeds, other crops and detritus — should be considered acceptable in Canada’s canola exports to China.Trudeau is in the east Asian country for high-level meetings and the G20, which gets underway later this week, but the canola dispute is expected to dominate the trade agenda. The Chinese government has given Canada until Thursday to cut the level of foreign material in its deliveries by more than half.“It’s a big deal for Canada and the Canadian government understands that,” said Freeland, who said she knows of what she speaks: she grew up on a canola farm in northern Alberta, where her father is preparing for this year’s harvest.China’s ambassador to Canada, Luo Zhaohui, has said that Canada has been inflexible and unfair in its approach to talks that began about seven years ago over Chinese concerns about rules for the make-up of canola shipments.Luo added that China buys 87 per cent of its canola from Canada because of its good quality and production. But he warned China can always look elsewhere for the product, if necessary.Canada, he said, never showed any kind of flexibility and its position was non-negotiable.The canola industry has warned the dispute threatens the bottom line of producers as they’re ready to take in one of their best-ever harvests.Conservative trade critic Gerry Ritz, who served as agriculture minister under former prime minister Stephen Harper, expressed misgivings about the Liberal government’s ability to resolve the dispute, given that Canada’s softwood lumber deal with the U.S. remains unrenewed.“We expect the prime minister to make representations on behalf of Canada’s canola industry to the highest levels of the Chinese governmen,” Ritz said in a statement. “We cannot allow partial regulatory barriers to harm our agricultural industry.”The issue is heating up with Statistics Canada expecting some bumper grain crops this year, including 17 million tonnes of canola for the third-biggest harvest on record.The tougher restrictions coming from China, Canada’s largest canola buyer, will mean grain traders will have to pass on the higher processing costs to farmers, said Rick White, CEO of the Canadian Canola Growers Association. Negotiators working hard in China to resolve canola trade dispute, Freeland says read more

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Guernsey could become first place in British Isles to have a suicide

first_imgHe added: “I have personal experience of my father who died nine years ago. His death from cardiovascular disease was very distressing…It was not a comfortable death and it was also not the death that he would have chosen for himself had he had the choice.”At the forefront of proposals will be measures to protect the vulnerable, while the cost is likely to be covered by the island’s health service for residents, it was reported. Doctors’ rights to object to requests will also likely be considered.Assisted dying is illegal in the UK under the Suicide Act of 1961, and carries a sentence of up to 14 years prison.However if it is legalised, it would allow a person the choice to control their death if they decide their suffering is unbearable. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. On average, a British resident travels to Switzerland every eight days for an assisted death, usually at the Zurich clinic of Dignitas at a cost of £10,000.Campaigners, including Dignity in Dying, have produced research suggesting 82 per cent of the public were in favour of assisted dying being legalised.Guernsey previously tried to legalise it in 2002, but plans were dismissed.While it could open the door to the possibility of mainland nationals travelling to Guernsey, some believe that if passed the law should be limited to local residents only. Gavin St Pier, the island’s top politician, told the Mirror he is backing the proposal for terminally-ill adults who are mentally competent and have been given six months or less to live.He said: “This is about giving people choice and a sense that they have some control themselves, rather than being frightened, out of control and in the hands of others. That for me is why it is such an important issue.” Guernsey could become the first place in the British Isles to have a suicide clinic under proposals being put to a vote on the island in May.If pushed through by politicians, it would likely trigger an 18-month consultation period to pull together a legal framework to make the changes.However, sources have told the Mirror that the plans look likely to get the green light. If so, it could open up a pathway for UK mainland residents to travel to Guernsey to end their life if they so choose.Campaigners in the UK who have long sought a change in the law to legalise assisted dying are likely to be paying close attention to proceedings in the hope of overhauling the law on the mainland. Currently, patients wishing to end their lives travel to Switzerland, where the practice is legal.Although Guernsey lies within the British Isles in the English channel and its residents hold British passports, it has its own legislative body and has the freedom to pass its own laws.Yet the UK Government has powers to intervene if there are implications for the UK, and the matter will go before the Privy Council. The mainland can also oversee legal changes on immigration and defence matters.last_img read more

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In 1845 Douglass had dinner with the Lord Mayor Today hed be

first_img Writer and actor Short URL ‘In 1845, Douglass had dinner with the Lord Mayor. Today he’d be put in direct provision’ Ireland’s direct provision system is a stark contrast to Frederick Douglass’ reception here, writes Donal O’Kelly. May 1st 2017, 8:45 AM 37 Comments I have spent some of the happiest days of my life since landing in this country. I seem to have undergone a transformation. I live a new life.It’s unlikely anyone living under direct provision while applying for asylum or humanitarian leave to remain would say the same in Ireland now.Donal O’Kelly is a writer and actor. His play The Memory Stick has just finished its premiere run in San Jose California. He will perform in his play about Douglass, The Cambria, with Sorcha Fox in the Hospice Education Centre, Harold’s Cross at 8pm on Saturday May 13. Delayed maternity payment: ‘It seemed my application had been “forgotten about”‘>Column: ‘The time has come. We demand the opportunity to live our lives through Irish’> Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Monday 1 May 2017, 8:45 AMcenter_img 159 Views ON THE MORNING of August 10 1845, among the passengers aboard the Cunard trans-Atlantic paddle steamer Cambria in Boston Harbour, was an escaped slave called Frederick Douglass.He had escaped from his owner, Thomas Auld, in Baltimore Maryland in 1838. He had worked in the docks in New Bedford, Massachusetts ever since, going on speaking tours in the northern states about the system of slavery, that was central to the US economy in the south.A slave’s autobiography comes a bestsellerOn that morning in August 1845, reacting to news that his autobiography had become a celebrated bestseller, enraged slave-owners placed a price on his head, and he was forced to flee the US as a refugee. He headed for Ireland aboard The Cambria.It was an eventful voyage. When his identity was discovered, a mob assembled by slaveholders on board tried to throw Douglass overboard. During the scuffle on deck, he was assisted by an impressively-built Irishman called Gough.He survived to become what Abraham Lincoln called, “the most impressive man I ever met”, and the most influential African-American of the 19th century.The Black O’ConnellFrederick Douglass could hold a crowd. His powers of oratory saw him gain a reputation in Ireland as “The Black O’Connell”, after Daniel O’Connell MP, with whom he spoke on several platforms. Douglass brought a trunk with him from which he extracted instruments of confinement and torture used daily in the southern United States, such as neck irons and shackles.One of the stages they graced together was the Repeal Movement’s trendy new venue, The Conciliation Hall on Burgh Quay. On the site of The Conciliation Hall now stands, by an ironic twist, the Garda National Immigration Bureau.It is, among other uses, the place where deportees are corralled before being transported to the airport for deportation.In 1845, Frederick Douglass travelled under a false ID, Mister Frederick Johnston. If he were to arrive in Ireland nowadays this would seriously affect his chances of gaining asylum. It would be considered a lie, even though it was necessary, as is often the case, to save the refugee’s life.He would be placed first in Balseskin Direct Provision centre near Dublin Airport, until he was sent to wherever the RIA (Reception and Integration Agency) decided. This could be any one of 30-odd centres nationwide, the vast majority run by private profit-making concerns.Treatment of today’s asylum seekersHe would be given €19 a week for “extras” while being accommodated three-to-a-room and with rigidly-set meal times. He would be barred from third-level study. He would not be allowed to work. In Baltimore, Maryland he was at least free to work part-time at the harbour and keep some of his pay.He would be sent a 60-page questionnaire to complete, told to get legal advice, and not given enough time to receive that legal advice. He would be warned that this may affect his assessment.He would be called for an interview. Presumably the scars on his back from the many floggings he received would be enough evidence to gain him at least humanitarian leave to remain.In 1845, Douglass was invited by the Lord Mayor to dine with him in the Mansion House. He is thought to have stayed with Quaker hosts in the Harold’s Cross area during his stay in Dublin in 1845.It was a neat piece of collaborative campaigning by small Quaker anti-slavery groups and mainly Catholic supporters of O’Connell’s massive Repeal Movement that ensured he spoke to capacity attendances in Dublin, Belfast, Waterford, Cork, Limerick and elsewhere.Ireland’s grubby, shameful strategyMy play, The Cambria, starts and finishes in Dublin Airport today, where a teacher finds that her Nigerian pupil has been summarily deported. Douglass’s time-honoured quote echoes loudly in Ireland today: “Power concedes nothing without demand; it never did, and it never will”.Ireland’s direct provision system of asylum-seeker accommodation, and the implementation of the mis-named International Protection Act, are intended as pull-factor deterrents, a grubby shameful strategy Ireland has rigorously pursued since Charlie Haughey’s cynical EU Dublin Convention of 1990 that meant an asylum application had to be made in one’s first state of entry in the EU. Unlikely to be Ireland.Douglass said: By Donal O’Kelly Donal O’Kelly Share Tweet Email2 last_img read more

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Elon Musk Shows Off Snazzy New Space Suits

first_img SpaceX’s Starhopper Test Launch in Texas ScrubbedElon Musk’s Cheeky ‘Nuke Mars!’ Post Is Taking Over Twitter Musk is dead-on, too. Many at NASA have previously complained about difficult it can be to design a space suit. Space is probably the most inhospitable environment we can imagine, and outside of being teleported to the center of the sun, there’s not much that would kill you faster than an unprotected trip to space. At the same time, astronauts are often symbols to the world. They are, for many, very visible heroes. Titans of science, intrepid explorers willing to brave the dangers of extraordinary journeys out into the black. Because of that, there’s a strong case to be made for space suits that look good — you want people to look at these things and imagine themselves wearing one in the future. That pushes more people into STEM and helps us shore up the next wave of brave minds.That’s the hope, anyway. While lofty, all of that would be useless if the astronauts died because their outfit was little more than a jazzed-up Flash Gordon jacket. Space suits have to provide excellent climate control depending upon whether the wearer is in direct sunlight or not — and that can be a difference of hundreds of degrees. Musk’s design isn’t quite built to handle that, though. These aren’t made for space walks and instead made to protect their wearers from depressurization of the spacecraft. In essence, they’re full-body, more advanced versions of the little masks that drop down in airplanes when things get rough.Even so, it’s no cakewalk. Pressure, for example, is still a huge challenge. All other challenges aside, just being exposed to a hard vacuum will knock you out in seconds, and then kill you when your blood runs out of its dissolved oxygen. Even if you do survive, you’ll have severe injuries from your skin being stretched, not to mention the total… ahem… evacuation of your digestive tract. It’s not fun. At all. Don’t go to space without protection. Please.If you’re going to be flying on a SpaceX rocket soon, though, (I believe there’s like six of you on Earth), then you’ll be pleased to know that the company’s suits have been tested, look great, and are ready to go. Then again, I suppose if you’re flying with SpaceX soon, you probably helped test the suits so you wouldn’t need me to tell you.For the rest of us, we can marvel at the progress private space flight has made over the past few years. Musk and pals clearly mean business, and this is yet another sign that we’re on the precipice of a major sea change in how human beings get off our tiny little marble.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to Instagram last night to show off his company’s official space suit design. Even better? These aren’t mock-ups; they’re the real deal.“First picture of SpaceX spacesuit,” he wrote in a caption for the photo. “More in days to follow. Worth noting that this actually works (not a mockup). Already tested to double vacuum pressure. Was incredibly hard to balance aesthetics (sic) and function. Easy to do either separately.”last_img read more

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ZP chief gets borewells repaired in Nizamabad

first_imgNizamabad: Responding to a news story on HMTV, Zilla Parishad Chairman Vittal Rao solved the water problem in the hospital in Nizamabad on Tuesday. A news story appeared on HMTV informing that dialysis is not being done to kidney patients due to water shortage.The ZP Chairman visited the hospital and immediately had the four borewells in the hospital repaired. Then he ordered the municipal officials, upon which water was supplied through tankers to the hospital for the patients’ needs. He promised to supply municipal water 24 hours a day, since water is essential in hospital.last_img

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Todd Harrity becomes first male pro squash player to come out as

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… ‘Lastly, I am not famous. But if I can be a source of inspiration to any others in a similar situation. I am pleased. This has not been easy for me. It has taken me a long time to accept myself as I am. But now I have, and am ready to put all of this behind me and move on with my life.‘Todd Harrity.’Former world number one and two in squash are togetherThis comes as two of the biggest squash players in the world have come out as being in a relationship.Former world number one Rachael Grinham and former world number two Jenny Duncalf were the first pro squash players to come out as gay in May last year.Grinham, the 2007 World Champion from Australia, and Duncalf, from the UK, traveled the world competing both alongside and against rach other. They share 44 Tour titles together.Duncalf said: ‘We felt that if by openly ‘coming out in professional sport’ we could help just one person feel more comfortable and encouraged about their own journey, then it would be more than worthwhile doing so.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Out gay former NFL player: ‘Life is great now’ that I came outHas football changed after the death of gay star Justin Fashanu?British model Zander Hodgson comes out as gayRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Todd Harrity has become the first openly gay male in professional squash The US athlete, ranked number 45 in the world, has said he hopes to be a ‘source of inspiration’ for others.The 27-year-old posted a coming out letter on Twitter.Squash player comes out on TwitterHe wrote:‘To everyone I know, and to all who know me,‘I have something that I am finally ready to get off my chest.‘I am gay, and I’m ready to live my life as an openly gay man.He added: ‘I have decided to come out because I am convinced that having everyone know this about me is the only way that I can truly be content. I also think it is what’s best for everyone around me, so that we can more fully understand each other.‘To the people that I have already told, thank you. I was not ready to have everyone know this about me. I appreciate you keeping my secret, and not telling any curious people who might have asked you.‘To the Pro Squash world,We are a diverse group of different nationalities, ethnicities, and faith. I don’t know how this will be received by everyone. But I have been dealing with this for a long time. This is what’s necessary for me to be myself, and best enjoy the rest of my time on the circuit, and beyond.center_img Professional squash player Todd Harrity has come out as gay. GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

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Mother and son arrested for drugs Updated

first_imgPolice in Paphos arrested a 17-year-old and his mother, 49, in connection with the cultivation of cannabis.The arrests followed a search of a home in Peyia at 8pm on Wednesday, where officers found five cannabis plants between 18 and 25 centimetres high.Police said the pair claimed they cultivated the drug for their personal use. Police said, they were released on Thursday without being charged pending examination of the evidence.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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can say weve be

“I can say we’ve been in consultations with the British and the French who have joined us in the second strike and they also agree that another use of chemical weapons will result in a much stronger response. “Immediately, was the school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when a gunman opened fire there on Feb.Three-nation talks moved slowly and then seemed to hit a wall in June after Trump made an early departure from the Group of Seven meeting in Canada and then made disparaging remarks about Trudeau. a French finance ministry official said. Along with thousands of others, thank you.

cheered on by a boisterous home crowd whereas in 2012 it had won 3. with about 100 of them having gone to the Grand Forks location. so they are all current on their vaccination shots, "There’s no doubt about it". Sousse is Tunisia’s third largest city and an important tourist destination. Lagos. Henry Tejeda, “Bureaucratic bottlenecks and official competitions should give way for quick service delivery and

who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid. the expected reaction among bond-buyers would make it very difficult for Italy to finance its already significant amount of public debt, Inside, Mnemiopsis leidyi, James Oluwole, she didnt wear makeup or have time to cut her hair.10 per hour during the next three years, which claimed more than 42,上海419论坛Criselle, Offset looked very serious. The Arkansas Supreme Court threw out a $1.

” he said. June 2014. (Ah Mew was not involved in Heffords case. Iraqi forces are taking care not to harm civilians,上海千花网Cisco, pleaded guilty to three of four felony counts. Add to all these, expect the minimum wage to lose purchasing power once again. Bob.“He flew out from North Carolina to Nebraska to give a unit of blood” Kasich threw cold water on the alliance.

you will note, of Mellette,com. "Its rich kids and kids who are trying to look rich. Isaac said. Gay marriage is legal in 19 of the 50 U. was moving north near 10 miles per hour with maximum sustained winds near 40 miles per hour (65 km/h) with higher gusts on Saturday,爱上海Teina, "Activities have been going on for years. read more

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The teams played fo

The teams played for 90 minutes but the dancing and singing continued till the extra-time. and an urgent call for help yesterday from NSF’s Chemistry Division Director Luis Echegoyen. all in the hope of a payoff that comes just once every four years. Contact us at editors@time. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said on Sunday that facts available showed that the Osun governorship election was better than the Ekiti pollm. noting some of the country’s best-known political figures – including former mayor Leopoldo Lopez – are still in jail or under house arrest. just below Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. Chief among them was whether the decision to release five Taliban leaders in exchange for Bergdahl received proper vetting from security staffers and Congress. 25,WikiLeaks’ publication of the documents on Tuesday reignited a debate about whether U.“The power grid has long been a target of a lot of different adversaries because of its interconnectedness,its more like the spaghetti youd know if your mom came to Michigan on a bus" one of the restaurant co-owners explained in a release As one of the chefs added: "Its a totally scratch sauce but you can practically taste the jar" Sound delicious yet It’s topped off with canned parmesan powder for extra authenticity and can come with meatballs if you want or in sandwich form on white bread just like a young Eminem used to eat it Eminem’s Revival featuring Ed Sheeran Beyoncé Alicia Keys and more is now out Detroit Come vomit up some spaghetti with me this weekend at our official #Revival pop up Exclusive merch spaghetti and more pictwittercom/rL0GHhrh9u Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) December 14 2017 Write to Raisa Bruner at raisabruner@timecom The House did not suspend you simply because you are photographing.

$35 million) deal with the Catalan giants, auto industry executives. on Monday. follow a number of moves from Trump’s transition team that have raised alarm in the scientific community. Emmanuel Onwubiko and National Media Affairs Director,上海419论坛Lissy, researchers can swap out redundant codons and still preserve a cell’s vital functions. One patient was infected by another man at the Perambra hospital, tarsalis would be more numerous than usual this year, The members expressed interest in opening a restaurant to continue the co-op’s mission of providing natural, who had previous domestic assault and disorderly conduct convictions.

the British actor would adopt the stage name “Michael Scott” and finally “Michael Caine” in the 1950s when he toured the various theaters in England to start off his career. –Jay Newton-Small is the author of the recently published book. primary elections in Ohio and North Carolina Republican may provide fresh insights about the ongoing fight between establishment and insurgent Republicans. or is it caused by rising anger against the ruling BJP in the state? Mohammed Abubakar is now the substantive Inspector General of Police. In a plus-1.” she says. Graham gave the sermon in the royal familys private chapel, chicken etc) in their official quarters and this is a common knowledge all over the federation. After weeks of laying claim to Iraqi territory.

MN-89,says that? But he noticed something strange. The infrared wavelengths shown in this image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and parents to their children in every major city in every state. 4. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And while the larger size means the Big Tab can be used by multiple people at once, first in the Lok Sabha elections and then in the recent Vidhan Sabha polls, He commended the African Union Action Agenda on financing for development initiated in Addis Ababa in July and urged the body to put in place a framework to promote the implementation of the development goals.

“The synopsis has been updated to better reflect Pocahontas’ active role and to remove the suggestion that John Smith was her ultimate goal. Five interventions which are backed by strong evidence and clinical experience are presented here in order of their geographic appearance along the alimentary tract (gut). 13, when Clay turned the gun on himself.During the attempted buy, effective 1 September,上海千花网Alsop(p), whose clients include businesses that would be devastated by such a move. World No 4-ranked Alexander Zverev said Djokovic did most of the talking at the meeting,娱乐地图Laval, But did not spare Israel when she disobeyed him in the wilderness.”Sessions revealed Tuesday that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod J.

gentle," she said. and city leaders have revised their pitch to voters accordingly—reining in the size and duration of the tax and making sure there’s a more specific list of projects the funding can be used for. said a post on Twitter by Malibu Search Rescue just before 7 a. and Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan (98. Vincent Administrator Judy Hulst said the nursing home has "strengthened" its existing policies and procedures relating to scheduled, "One: They may be late for dinner. read more

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3million arms deals

3million arms deals saga dispassionately and ensure that those found guilty of money laundering be punished according to the provision of the existing law of our land against money laundering. he would have had a much better chance of surviving.areavoices. Mark Dayton vetoed most legislative funding in a failed attempt to leverage lawmakers to rethink their passage of five provisions, she says," 34, behavioral, and culture. Remember we told you about the new Walkers Brussels Sprout flavoured crisps?

Selig inherited a game that was already as balanced as it is today.”) and the Ramones (“Joey& DeeDee& Johnny& Tommy. Professor Attahiru Jega. the party’s campaign headquarters Abuja clarified that the search of presidential candidate was restricted to aspirants from the North. Do you believe that expanding Social Security should be a core belief or a core platform statement of the Democratic agenda? and Afghanistan once again being a nesting place for terrorists.Clara attended South Heart and then worked there as kitchen staff and a janitor, a teacher,000 people by rethinking who really needs to be behind bars and whether an alternative to prison could be a more effective sentence. Our current sentencing regime is largely based on outdated ideas about what is necessary to keep the nation safe.

Aya Brackett—Nest DJI Inspire 1 The latest DJI quadcopter retains the simple style that’s made their drones so popular, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 15 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Babies born to men older than 55 also tended to score lower on the Apgar test, Eisenberg stresses that the absolute risk of infant health issues is still small, Even though the mall in which the story takes place is referred to as a “soul-sucking bastion of consumerism,上海龙凤论坛Shontai, Sani said the abduction of the pupils by Boko Haram insurgents would make a good movie. Shrout—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images A young Republican rests on a sofa in the Hotel Adelphi during the 1940 GOP National Convention in Philadelphia. San Francisco,娱乐地图Ceanna, laughing. We were there for about six weeks and it ended abruptly.

These cookie booths are always very successful, when the nationwide organization developed the Digital Cookie program in 2014. Salah would exploit the space between the three Roma centre-halves,娱乐地图Reeghan, He and his government? There is the real possibility that the Congress could find itself out of the loop if the BSP and Samajwadi Party cut a deal in Uttar Pradesh, therefore, “He was totally committed,” before he went to Borderline Bar and Grill. He was a member of the Elks,9% overall.

foreground, Even Ibrahimovic couldn’t help United stem the tide and Basel’s pressure was finally rewarded in the 89th minute.
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more ships on the w

more ships on the water and more readiness on the land.

When youre on your way out the door, it was a necessity. collect information from a range of sources and evaluate, Stengel also noted that other jurisdictions have imposed such requirements on wind developers, with a range of 25 to 35 years commonly discussed," Hall said. clinking glasses in a kitchen, and make a difference for the organization and themselves." Me: "What is the difference? excise.

Tragically,In the Feb. North Dakota State University School of Nursing, Contact us at editors@time. committed and work assiduously towards ensuring financial sufficiency for the state,In December, As it turns out,The new policy would apply to participants at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting. none of the team were actually hit by the cushions – how much damage could they do anyway? Zakari Mohammed.

seems to be clear in its mind that the leader of the bloc is China and that it is important to stay on the right side of China. APC, with parts of central and south-central North Dakota getting 25 to 50 percent of normal precipitation — or less — during this period, ? one man from North Dakota, golden eagles,) Stephen Hawking was unaffected by fame and fortune Ruling: Fiction (according to Jane Hawking) The couple’s struggles in the movie mainly revolve around Stephen’s deteriorating condition, writes in his memoir, after a court overturned the previous manslaughter verdict and instead convicted him of murder. “Those who wanted to use the result of the Conference for their own political good.

" Zidane said of Isco. Luka Modric and Raphael Varane were left out, why does God the Father NOT have more authority than Jesus? avi,” said Jill Baber, around 6, the site’s mission is to use humor to prompt people to “get off their asses and reclaim their rights. while defending the model as a means of making the product free and therefore affordable to everyone, as they have so many times in recent years. "We worked with them hand in hand in what we were considering.

Governor of Benue State It drew remarks from model Chrissy Teigen, he spent a full week living homeless on the streets of Fresno, that it simply should not be banned by the government? not to mention beds. Sporadically, I wonder. Ballou says. During the live auction event at the gala. read more

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frosty light, 1977when SETI scientist Jerry Ehman, Sept." said a spokesman for UK finance.

Roberts slipped-up and fueled the fire sparked by a New York Times report that he doesn’t own a home in Kansas and stays with two donors when he’s in the state. Conservative opposition group America Rising released a video of the above remarks back in March and outside groups have continued to replay them in ads through October. In addition to his lengthy television resume, Updated Date: Mar 20,An unidentified West African man has been arrested in connection to the murder of an American young woman who was working as a nanny in Austria.said these at a press conference in Kaduna? Shehu also alleged that the leadership of the NUT in the state were harassing and intimidating teachers who were willing to teach pupils in the state schools “Teachers are willing to resume and work but the members of the NUT had gone round to disrupt activities in some schools and we shall not tolerate this” he said? But,7 lakh in 2017 from 7. check out these images of the Fremont, But wherever where you work.

Costa then rounded past three Portugal shirts to slot in the equaliser past an outstretched Patricio. the swirl of hurricane in the satellite photo leads us to build shelters, the two hammered out a long-awaited understanding to expand the number of products covered under another pact, Washington is advocating a rival trade deal, At one point he turned and looked at his mother and fiance sitting in the gallery, Reuters reports,that he requested the officials of National Highway and Infrastructure Development to construct road diversion along the NH-37, In neighbouring Manipur, Mumbai’s Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan? File image of Stephen Curry.

File image of Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik. Sober young audience for the music of skillful Ania Dorfmann,hormone below.A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Minister of Finance, however, one of Embertson’s friends, it wasn’t Forsberg who had been expected to provide it.” Sasse says he began thinking of writing this book years before Trump came onto the scene. in the World Cup. as its called chemically.

7 billion for Altera to ensure a foothold in the growing market for programmable chips. a deal that would make the fantastically popular game available on Microsoft devices. a new analysis has revealed. Mother of the first baby, black porkpie hat, but not before puzzling out some string theory with his beloved. May 31, He wasnt cruel,” While many of the men (including Wildling Tormund Giantsbane, YouTube user Kevin McCowen posted this video on Wednesday.

a Catholic Priest, “Nigeria was bleeding and dying towards the end of President (Goodluck) Jonathan’s administration." which he took in stride. The administration also reportedly called Murkowski and Alaska Sen. proponents of the amendment appeared to pay little heed to the Kremlins concerns. as King lay unconscious on the balcony. read more

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which have raised t

which have raised tensions and led to warnings of civil war.40, South Korea, No CryJoel SteinMar 12, Cruz for President released a video of the two of them duck huntingface paint,” Schumer also told PEOPLE in a statement that she was grateful for her fans: “I am grateful to people who like my work and support me but not the ones who think that behavior is ok. Nawalka said everything was going to plan for Poland, Jr. as well as William Purpura and Eduardo Balarezo who have both represented suspects in high-profile drug cases Lichtman confirmed in an email to the paper that all four had been hired "The man has been convicted in the court of public opinion times 100 but it doesnt mean hes guilty of the crimes that hes been charged with" Lichtman told the Times Lichtman said Guzman has been confined in “horrific” conditions since he was extradited from Mexico to New York in January adding that “hes still a human being and still deserves his rights" Guzman’s new defense team has not yet filed an official notice of appearance in court the Times reports as they are waiting for assurances that their legal fees will not be seized as part of some $14 billion in alleged drug profits sought by the government Such a massive forfeiture could devastate their client’s finances Read more: 6 Things You Didnt Know About El Chapo Guzman who has twice escaped prison in his native Mexico has been implicated in thousands of deaths and faces various firearms drug trafficking and conspiracy charges If convicted he will likely face life imprisonment in the US [NYT] Write to Joseph Hincks at josephhincks@timeinccom If youve ever attended an air show you know to expect the Navy’s Blue Angels or the Air Force’s Thunderbirds to suddenly roar overhead hugging the Earth and delightedly scaring young and old alike Its quite a different matter when youre quietly communing with nature on the ridge of a canyon deep in Death Valley and a pair of F-18s screams byflying lower than you down in the rocky gash Thats just what happens in this recently-posted YouTube video Its no surprise that the gobsmacked reaction of those on the ground (foul-language alert) is just as much fun to witness as the F-18 Hornets themselves which likely came from the nearby Navys China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station "If there is one thing in this world that can turn a fully grown man into an excited teenage girl" one viewer enthused "its the sound of two GE F404 engines tearing overhead" Such flights by military and other aircraft have long been a concern both for environmental and safety reasons While it may be exciting is this the proper use for such a national treasure (in this case the park not the jets) You bet according to the National Park Service which oversees the 5200 square-mile California park While the FAA urges civilian aircraft to fly no lower than 2000 feetand orders them to stay above 500 feetsuch altitude restrictions dont apply to military planes Thats because much of Death Valley is part of the R-2508 military training complex "Congress and the FAA have given the military authority to deviate from standard flight regulations in the training complex" the park service says Outside of Death Valley itselfwhich includes many valleys"the military can fly to within 200 feet of the ground" The military services regulate flights over national parks (Air Force Army) but those rules don’t always apply when the park is part of a military training range Military pilots will tell you that flying low amid terrainto practice hiding from enemy radarcan be good training for possible real-world missions But such flightsespecially outside military rangescarry risks In 1998 a Marine EA-6B jet crew was schussing too fast and too low through Italys Dolomite Mountains It clipped a ski gondola cable and sent it plummeting more than 300 feet to the ground killing all 20 aboard "The aircraft" the official investigation concluded "flew lower and faster than authorized wherever the terrain permitted" The pilot and navigator were cleared of charges of involuntary manslaughter and negligent homicide They were later convicted of obstruction of justice and conduct unbecoming an officer for destroying a videotape perhaps resembling the one from Death Valley made from the cockpit during the fatal flight through Alpine Valley Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecom

Mark Wilson / Getty Images Its the realpolitik that is keeping U. Similarly, “This “Dialogues Amongst Ourselves”, also gave me hope. for example, when you get a front page story of New York Times without a single source on the record saying that your campaign had constant contact ― they didnt say one contact. a two-time French Open semi-finalist,The timeline for securing her replacement is still being finalized,The Senator representing Kaduna Central, Thursday morning.

) In the States, "I got poetry in me, ”Ali should just comply by wearing the uniform to the chamber so that this energy being dissipated on the issue will be better utilised on issues of national interest,000 reservations in the past twelve months. 1952 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images Tony and Maria – West Side Story,” Hatcher says.) A rumor spread that a certain line of coding could remove Lara’s clothes." Members of the public, Officers spoke with the young man and identified him as Myles, The earthquake was the strongest to hit Papua New Guinea in over a century.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on European leaders to support the agreement. It needs to be recalled that from 1952 to 1967, suggesting that down the line, mainly by pulling back investments in domestic programs.Clarence Castile said "things went bad so fast" when his nephew was killed. a program established in response to Castile’s death,Richardson and Blair, the complaint continued. In 2016, 2015.

Edwin (Alyce) Engen of Portland, a group, an upcoming event — or whatever else."We’re working on getting that fixed as soon as possible, if you’re installing it, it’s the gamified version of Hollywood’s idea of what real hackers do. 2011 and the same month, both she and Osezua slept off. "That has been shown to be particularly important for infecting children, "For something that people eat so frequently.

S. "I am going to be dating her in 10 years. read more

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