The name is Pan: Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan promotes pan masala, Twitterati lose it

first_imgThe first face that comes to your mind when you think about one of the most iconic characters ever written, the human superhero James Bond, is that of Pierce Brosnan. He has been active in Hollywood as an actor, doing three to four movies every year, but has not been making headlines.Unlike today. This morning, Indians saw Pierce Brosnan in a classy avatar — wearing a suit and sporting grey hair, beard and moustache — on the front page ads of many newspapers, posing with Pan Bahar.Here is Pierce Brosnan posing with the pan product. Photo courtesy: Twitter (@uma8987)Twitterati, half of them still in denial that this is happening in real, have been tweeting the ads with hilarious reactions. Here are a few:   Pierce Brosnan selling pan on the front page of the Times of India.The Asian Century is upon us. Iain Marlow (@iainmarlow) October 7, 2016When James Bond starts selling pan, you know the empire really has struck back. Dhruva Jaishankar (@d_jaishankar) October 7, 2016Born to chew & spit…. James Bond Pierce Brosnan Mitul Thakkar (@MitulThakkar) October 7, 2016When the brand ambassador is also a satisfied consumer of the product, he puts down his signature. You mean Pierce Brosnan chews Pan Masala. Sagar (@sagarcasm) October 7, 2016As Pierce Brosnan is endorsing Pan Bahar, his new line should be -My name is bond, aakthoo(spits).. James Bond. Angry Indian Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) October 7, 2016I always wondered how James Bond was surrounded by girls, fought his enemies, used gadgets. The secret is out, he chews Pan Bahar pan masala Ra_Bies (@Ra_Bies) October 7, 2016@KyaUkhaadLega Sir, how did you miss that? Rofl Gandhi Dobara (@RoflGandhi_) October 7, 2016Then:The name’s Bond. James Bond.Now:Thookna hai. Side hatt ja, Thookna hai. Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) October 7, 2016Moral of the story: If you need to sell masala you need to have such a mustache Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) October 7, 2016Now, if you didn’t have enough, and still have the strength to bear more, watch the Pan Bahar ad featuring Pierce Brosnan, right here.Video courtesy: YouTube\ET BrandEquityAnd if you were shocked/surprised to see Brosnan endorsing a pan brand, see what five of our Bollywood celebrities chose to endorse.last_img

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