When Will It End?

first_imgIt seems that almost every day when you pick up a newspaper or tune in to ESPN you find another athlete, either collegiate or pro, who is being investigated by some policing agency.  I just noticed that the San Francisco 49er quarterback was cleared of charges relating to some type of hotel room activity last April.  No details were released, so we will be left to our own imagination on what might have happened when pro athletes meet the young ladies out on the town.  At almost the same time, an LSU football player has been released from that football team for taking part in some illegal activities concerning alleged assault.  We are left to our own imagination again.Not too long ago two Indiana University basketball players escaped severe punishment when their alleged off-court behavior put them in trouble with the Bloomington Police Department.  Just 3 years ago at a 21st birthday party Purdue lost a starting basketball player and had several others suspended for an out-of-hand bar party.You would think that athletes who are getting their college paid for while following their athletic dreams might just stop and think before they act. When will it end?last_img

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