20 Jaro houses on COVID-19 lockdown

first_imgThe lockdown was imposed on Sunday, June 21 and will last until the RT-PCR test results of the patient’s close contacts will be released. Loma revealed that subsequent to the announcement of RT-PCR test, the LSI was immediately brought by the Iloilo City Emergency Responders (ICER) to a quarantine facility, particularly the St. Therese MTCC Hospital. Village watchmen barangay and village councilmen were also tapped to guard the area./PN Camalig village head Nestor Loma confirmed yesterday the City Health Office (CHO) recommended sealing off the neighborhood to preempt a possible massive spread of the infection. “Gintawgan ako sang doctor namon sa Jaro district nga positive ang resulta sang RT-PCR test sang 22-anyos,” said Loma on a radio interview over Aksyon Radyo Iloilo. He came home last June 9 from Navotas in Metro Manila. This LSI, upon his return, was subjected to both rapid and real time-polymerase reaction tests (RT-PCR) at Diamond Jubilee Hall. Loma, however, could not yet determine the exact number of the LSI’s close contacts. ILOILO City – Local authorities ordered the lockdown of at least 20 houses at Barangay Camalig’s Zone 5 in Jaro district after a locally stranded individual (LSI) who recently returned there was found out to be a carrier of SARS-coV-2, the virus which causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). On June 20, the Department of Health (DOH) in Region 6 confirmed that this LSI was found out to be infected with COVID-19, citing his confirmatory RT-PCR tests results.  “After nag-positive gin pick-up ang pasyente sang ICER para dal-on sa facility quarantine,” Loma furthered, saying he requested the CHO to enforce lockdown on the 20 houses with residents who had possible contact with the WV Patient 173. However, Loma said he received information that while under home quarantine, the WV Patient No. 174 engaged in drinking session together his relatives and neighbors. There at least 100 individuals living in the 20 houses but not all of them had exposure to the patient. This prompted the city government’s COVID-19 team to allow the LSI to undergo 14-day home strict quarantine while waiting for his RT-PCR test. While under lockdown, Loma said the affected residents are not allowed to go out of their houses for the meantime, even to buy provisions. Loma identified the LSI as a 22-year-old male and was classified as Western Visayas (WV) Patient No. 174. The barangay will supply food and water to every household as well as their other needs, he added.   His rapid test result, which came out also on that day, turned out negative.last_img

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