5 Wrong Ways to Get Over Your Ex

first_imgLifestyleRelationships 5 Wrong Ways to Get Over Your Ex by: – August 29, 2011 80 Views   one comment Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img Share Share There comes a time in every person’s life when we have no choice but to get over ourselves. Yeah, we’ve made tons of mistakes in our own relationships, or maybe we have friends that have been in bad relationships from the very start and it was only a matter of time before their mate finally showed their true colors. The good news? When it’s all said and done, we don’t have to lose our dignity when we’re trying to move on.Think about how much time you’ve spent trying to make things work in a relationship, only to find out that things are better off broken. Why give away so much energy to people that are just not right for you? So, why lose sleep over your ex? There are good ways to get over your ex and there are tons are wrong ways that will leave you even more confused and upset. Why not take the easy road to recovery?Here are 5 wrong ways to get over your ex, and some rightalternatives to consider:1. Stop Being RevengefulSome people think the best cure to heartbreak is to get payback. So, you spend hours and hours, angry texting and playing phone tag with your ex, only to start a shouting match over the phone. Yes, it does feel good to release all of the tension you’ve had since you’ve broken up, but does it really change anything? The truth is you’re only wasting breath and giving yourself more of a reason to be upset. Plus, your ex is probably feeling great, because they know that they still have that effect on you. So, why even bother?Right Way: The best solution to let your ex know that you are happy and better than ever is to forgive them for their shortcomings and start living your life with purpose.Related: Revenge: Is It Worth It?2. No ReboundingAfter a bad breakup, the worst thing you could ever do is to rush into another relationship. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few people who don’t like to be alone and feel like they need that sense of companionship, but what if it’s just too soon?Right Way: Everyone owes it to themselves to take time out to heal after being in an unstable relationship. So, take some much needed “me” time and you’ll be happy that you never rushed into anything.3. Don’t Try to Rewrite HistoryOften we find ourselves making the same mistakes over and over again. We become closed minded on our preferences, simply because we get too caught up in what we think is right for us. How many times have we chosen someone that we thought was so right, but they turned out to be so wrong?Right Way: Stop comparing everyone to your ex and have an open mind when getting back into the dating scene. Remember that everyone is not the same, so just because your ex broke your heart, doesn’t mean that it has to happen again. 4. Going Into IsolationBreaking up has a way of making us all feel like you just want to shut the world out and be left alone, so we hide underneath our workload and act as if the world is over. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, but the more you keep to yourself the worse you will eventually feel.Right Way: Don’t just hide from the problem – confront it and move on. It’s time for you to bounce back in a healthy way by enjoying life!5. Staying ConnectedExes have a way of thinking that it’s okay to keep in touch, whether by email, text messaging or talking on the phone. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to stay friends, but do you really want to stroll down memory lane?Right Way: First off, you have to know what’s best for you. If staying in touch with your ex is something that you simply cannot do, then don’t do it. Let the past be the past and start to look forward to your bright future.Overall, going through a breakup will always be hard, but it’sentirely possible to get over your ex minus the headache and the unnecessary heartache. So, anytime you experience a breakup, keep in mind the right ways to get over your ex and you’ll be on your way to the road of recovery.What helped you get over your ex?By Laura Yarborough,BounceBack.com Editorial Stafflast_img

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