Cappelli: We are considering a deferral of payment according to the “3 + 3” model

first_imgYesterday, various meetings were held at the Banski dvori to agree on final measures to help the economy from the negative impact of the coronavirus on the entire market. More about all concrete measures will be found out today, when they will be presented at the Government session, which will then go to the Parliament for adoption, publication in the Official Gazette and are expected to be active from next week. Also, Cappelli pointed out that some measures are under the jurisdiction of local self-government units (JLS), such as a flat tax per bed in family accommodation, so that they are also discussed in which direction everything should go. Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli in front of the Parliament, he stated that tomorrow the Government from the tourism sector will be subject to a measure of deferral of payments according to the “3 + 3” model. Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić za RTL Today He said a set of measures he would present today in the short term could have an effect. “Surgically precise measures in such a short time we can not do, but most importantly to put this tomorrow in the emergency procedure procedure. An integral part of these measures is liquidity. On the one hand, there are public benefits – income tax, profit tax and contributions. According to the working version, and we will agree on the details during the day and night until the session, we are talking about a three-month deferral of payment with a possible additional three months of extension. On the other hand, there are credit and lines in cooperation with HBOR, CNB and HUB, all of which are in some way aimed at focusing a similar principle on the credit arrangement. Said Maric. Source:, RTL Danas / Photo: Index Video “It is important for us that there is a delay, such as a delay in the payment of tourist tax, tourist membership fees, hoteliers in the payment of concessions in camps on tourist land – that all delays go through the 3 + 3 model. We are going in that direction, that, depending on the events, it will be postponed for three months. In this way, personal income and everything we can solve immediately and urgently will probably be solved. So we’re sure we can cover that for the next six months. In the first place is the protection of the workforce and liquidity”Cappelli pointed out, reports. last_img

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