Sergio Batista, from Granadilla: “The break does not benefit any”

first_imgHave all the contracts already been adapted to the agreement?Yes. We did it before this agreement was officially established. We comply with all the parameters established in all contracts. Other clubs will have more difficulties. Fortunately we were forward-looking and since we knew what the salary base was going to be more or less, we planned the season like this.Does your situation as an independent club change with respect to that of entities backed by a male entity?There is no doubt that the situation is different and we are clearly at a disadvantage. We can boast of having good economic management, based on austerity. We try to spend less than we presume to enter and thus not have economic setbacks. I think that this season and the one that comes we can face them without any problem.How can this affect women’s soccer?The break does not benefit any. We were in a good moment, growing a lot with a very strong League. It should be noted that everything has grown very fast and I think you have to be cautious. You have to know that there is still a long way to go, but the steps must be taken firm and sure so that women’s football goes far. For this you have to have a lot of head. We play a lot.It is being an atypical season …Years as troubled as this, we hope they do not repeat themselves ever again. In our case, in addition to the strike, the agreement and this health crisis, we have had three changes of coach and many injuries. The competition has not been very real. There is a day, that of the strike, it is not known if it will be played and we have a tight schedule. Hopefully everything ends in the best way. Any decision made now can be rushed.What about contracts ending on June 30?I think it is a minor problem. The same that is being legislated in other measures, I believe an agreement will be reached to sign an extension of the contracts. That anyone put obstacles would go against what everyone enacts in terms of developing women’s football. Sergio Batista (Granadilla de Abona, 1954) attend by phone to AS in the midst of the health crisis that has paralyzed the country. This lawyer, closely linked during his life to the world of football, after also heading to Tenerife, exposes the main effects what leaves this situation for his club, Granadilla, and for women’s football usually.How do you arrive at the decision to join ERTE?We were practically the first club in Spain to present it. We did it retroactively dated March 14 after discussing it with the players and studying it. We then reached an agreement with all the workers whereby we promised to cover 100% in the next two months, which is what we estimate could last all of this. We do it because we value the work of our people. We are a modest and very family club. I think we got this decision right.How is this 100% payment made?At first it was said that the State covered 70% and we the rest, but I do not know if it will be like this. That figure appears to be confirmed, but we remain committed.Have they lost publicity?Yes. Many collaborating companies have called us to tell us that the invoices that we have issued well, but that we do not send more and that we will speak for next year. We have dropped some and we understand it perfectly because the situation is not easy.And subsidies?We still have to receive some help, also at the national level. What I do think is going to be suspended is the money we receive from Mediapro. We do not know if we are going to charge it for the circumstances and if it does not arrive it would be a financial failure.Do you think that this crisis may affect the public aid received by women’s football?That possibility may exist because we are in a state of exception. What we have is to be consistent. If you have just approved an agreement that establishes a series of financial requirements, they cannot take away the resources with which you had budgeted everything to assume the agreement. If that happens, everything will explode. Hopefully not.last_img read more

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