first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Q: You closed your eyes in the episode when you were waiting to find out if you were going to be picked, as if you couldn’t bear to look. What was going through your mind?Michelle Treacy: “I had so much anxiety. Throughout the whole show, I had been really confident. I trusted in who I was, and what I did, but that was the one moment where I was like, ‘Oh my God, what if it’s not me?’ So I just said to myself, ‘Girl, close your eyes and take a deep breath.’ ”Q: For the purposes of building up the tension on a TV show, they really drag out those moments, don’t they?Michelle Treacy: “They leave pauses between everything, really long pauses! There’s this awkward silence, and everyone is thinking, ‘When is he (Scott Borchetta) going to say something?’ ”Q: You had a record deal before this, so what was your path to deciding to try out for THE LAUNCH?Michelle Treacy: “I had taken a year off music, got dropped from my label, kind of didn’t know who I was any more. I just wanted to be normal for a minute. I got a job at the mall. I also had a long-distance boyfriend, and when that ended, it all kind of crashed around me. I felt as if I had put everything into that. I actually went to the hospital for anxiety, because I didn’t know what to do. I had a week to kind of restart my life. The nurse said to me, ‘Be more selfish and go out and get exactly what you want.’ And I said, ‘Well, there’s this TV show that I’ve thought about auditioning for, and tomorrow is the last day to apply – so can I leave?’ And she said, ‘Okay, you can leave.’ The next day came, I remember being picked up, going home, putting my makeup on, driving to my guitar player’s house, recording the audition, filling out all the questions online, and hoping to God I made it before midnight. And I did!”Q: When you were recording “Emotional”, there was an interesting development in the studio when Marie-Mai and Bebe Rexha came in, and you said that the whole vibe changed. It got me thinking, is the recording industry still really male-dominated in terms of producers, technicians and engineers, and is that something the music business maybe should think about?Michelle Treacy: “We always need more females. The more females, the better it is. Just think about it: A lot of the songs you hear on the radio, with these women singing about their bodies and stuff, have been written by men. Hey, they tell a story and they make their money and it’s beautiful, but we need women to stand up and say what they want to say, wear what they want to wear, and be who they want to be. It’s important. When you put three women like that in a studio, it’s magic. We look into each other’s eyes and we just know, because we’re on the same wavelength. The majority of my sessions, for sure, have been just men in the studio. I’m not sexist, I want to work with the best of the best. But I really do wish more women would stand up. We could dominate the industry.”Q: There was an interesting moment when Scott was debating which artist to choose, and he said, “I will always take the artist that is too much, because you can reel them back.”Michelle Treacy: “Let me tell you, I’ve always been the wildcard. I wanted to come into this vulnerable. I wanted to show the world, this is why you can support me. Because think about it, I’ve already had it all, I’ve already had the deal, I’ve already had the songs, why choose me, right? Why give me another chance, I’ve already done it. But I wanted to come in and say, ‘Yeah, I did it, and I messed up.’ I was too young, I didn’t know what I was doing, I had too many people around me telling me who I should be, and it didn’t work for me. But now I’ve come back and I’m grounded and I’ve decided who I want to be, and I won’t compromise that for anyone. I wanted to show everyone that I am a good person, I can do this, and I deserve it as much as anyone else. I’m not a naive little girl any more. I want to be honest and I want to be an independent, strong lady.”By Bill Harris | Special to The Lede Advertisement Emotions were raw during this week’s episode of CTV’s THE LAUNCH, as Michelle Treacy’s version of the song “Emotional” wowed the mentors and “launched” a fresh stage of her career.Treacy, a 22-year-old singer from Ottawa, took full advantage of the rare opportunity for a second chance in the music business, having previously been under contract with a record label. But Treacy said she felt as if the song “Emotional” had been written for her and about her, and that was a powerful combination for world-renowned music executive Scott Borchetta, Québec pop icon Marie-Mai, producer Nile Rodgers and celebrity mentor Bebe Rexha.We spoke with Treacy about the “Emotional” roller-coaster of appearing on THE LAUNCH: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment center_img Twitter Advertisement Facebook Michelle Treacylast_img read more

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Broadcom and Ulta Beauty post gains Facebook and Tesla dip

NEW YORK — Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on Friday:Boeing Co., up $5.69 to $378.99The airplane maker will install a software upgrade to its now grounded 737 Max aircraft, according to media reports.Broadcom Inc., up $22.09 to $290.29The chip provider’s first-quarter profit beat Wall Street forecasts and it will return $12 billion to investors through dividends and buybacks.Adobe Inc., down $10.60 to $257.09The software company gave investors a disappointing forecast that outweighed solid fiscal first-quarter results.Facebook Inc., down $4.19 to $165.98Two executives, including chief product officer Chris Cox, are leaving the social media company as it shifts focus to private messaging.Ulta Beauty Inc., up $25.90 to $338.41The cosmetics retailer beat Wall Street forecasts for all its fourth-quarter measures, including profit and sales.Noodles & Co., down $1.02 to $6.36The restaurant operator’s fourth-quarter profit and revenue fell short of Wall Street forecasts.Cree Inc., up $3.30 to $56.87The semiconductor products company is selling its lighting business to Ideal Industries for about $310 million.Tesla Inc., down $14.53 to $275.43The electric car maker unveiled a new all-electric SUV as it tries to expand into the mainstream and generate more cash.The Associated Press read more

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UN envoy heads to Liberia to plan response to dire humanitarian situation

Jacques Paul Klein, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative, is scheduled to leave tomorrow for the region, where he will meet with leaders and other concerned States, as well as UN and other organizations to respond to what he said is the dire humanitarian consequences of the war.If security conditions permit, a humanitarian team led by Deputy UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Carolyn McAskie is expected to go into the capital Monrovia tomorrow. An advance humanitarian team is at the airport today preparing for the return of the UN country team.The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that a humanitarian team was able to visit a site for some 17,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and that the camps lack clean water supplies, shelter and cooking materials. Diarrhoeal diseases are prevalent and there are concerns that mosquito borne disease could also spread quickly.The UN refugee agency is moving back into Monrovia with senior and emergency staff, as well as basic relief supplies. Staff have already taken one-day test flights into the city – first to assess the situation at the airport and then around the city. Security and logistics officers are presently on the ground, together with security staff from other UN agencies, assessing the practicality of sending in more staff and supplies. Upon its full return, the agency plans to help up to 300,000 Sierra Leonean and Ivoirian refugees, as well as displaced and returning Liberians.Today, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) regular flight into Monrovia, which was suspended in June when fighting escalated, left with food and some equipment for the agency’s office in the city. Tuesday will see 13 high-ranking officials of various UN agencies flying in to mark the resumption of humanitarian operations there. On Wednesday, UNHCR will send in an aircraft with two additional international emergency staff as well as urgent supplies such as fuel and other equipment for its office.In other news, the airlift by the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) from Freetown to Monrovia continued today. Six tons of ammunition, one armoured personnel carrier (APC), one truck and one land rover were flown in today. No soldiers were airlifted today because the priority is to send in supplies and equipment. read more

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Nevada considers adopting brotheltype regulations for adult productions fleeing California

Nevada considers adopting brothel-type regulations for adult productions fleeing California In this Jan. 21, 2015, photo, adult film actress Jillian Janson signs autographs for fans at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The idea that porn stars might have to wear protection in productions filmed in Nevada generated a buzz among some of the 25,000 attendees collecting autographs from porn stars posing in fishnet stockings and bustiers. (AP Photo/John Locher) by Ken Ritter, The Associated Press Posted Jan 23, 2015 7:02 pm MDT LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Adult film production migrated from California to Nevada after voters in Los Angeles County approved a law requiring condom use on set. Now, a condom use requirement could follow.Nevada health officials said Friday that they’re considering strict brothel-style regulations for a booming adult film industry following the announcement last month that two male performers tested positive for HIV following a video shoot in the state.“The potential exists to require condoms and other barrier options in all sexual contact,” state Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Mary Woods said in a statement.The idea that porn stars might have to wear protection in productions filmed in Nevada generated a buzz among some of the 25,000 attendees collecting autographs from porn stars posing in fishnet stockings and bustiers at this week’s Adult Video News Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.“I prefer no condoms,” said Rob Tatka, a 29-year-old tourist from Chicago who collected a bag full of posters of his favourite stars to take home. “Porn is about fantasy,” he said, “and honestly, no man wants to use one in real life.”Condoms can cause friction, irritation or even infection during scenes that take hours to film before being edited, said Keiran Lee, a veteran male performer who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children.Lee, 31, said he sometimes shoots 22 scenes a month. “I have the option to use them, but I don’t,” he said.Woods, in the health department statement, said it could take up to two years to collect data and public comment about the Nevada proposals, and she called it too early to know the outcome of the process.But for conference attendees enjoying a city synonymous with sin — and a state home to the only legalized prostitution in the nation — the idea of putting condoms on actors and categorizing adult entertainment production with brothels drew criticism.Porn actors aren’t prostitutes, said Diane Duke, chief executive of the Free Speech Coalition, an industry trade group that administers strict HIV testing and a database showing pass-fail results. Duke said the database lists 6,000 porn performers since 2011.“In a brothel, you’re talking about people coming in from outside,” she said. “We have performers on a closed set who go through a testing protocol.”Duke said that since 2004, there have been no documented cases of HIV transmission during scenes between professional actors in the FSC database.The two men involved in last year’s case weren’t in the FSC database, Duke said. Authorities have said it appeared likely one infected the other during an unprotected gay sex scene. Details haven’t been made public.Actress Ariana Marie, 21, said she trusts the results. She said she’s been in scenes with and without condoms, and called it distracting to have her partner stop to take one off at the end.“We get tested every 14 days,” Marie said. “I trust my performer.”Prostitution is legal in rural Nevada counties but not in Las Vegas and Reno. Nevada health officials say a strict testing regimen prevents transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and has never resulted in a documented case of HIV transmission in a brothel.If porn production is regulated under the same rules, condom use would be required for all sex acts, including oral sex. Adult film performers, like Nevada’s licensed prostitutes, would be required to undergo weekly testing for the sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia and gonorrhea, and monthly testing for HIV and syphilis.Nevada currently has no rules specifically covering pornography production. And no permit is needed to film on private property, a home or in a hotel room, according to the state film office.That made Nevada attractive to West Coast adult film producers worried about losing fans like Tatka following the adoption in Los Angeles of strict rules requiring condom use in adult film sex scenes filmed there.After voters in Los Angeles County approved the condom requirement in 2012, the number of permits for adult films in Los Angeles dropped dramatically, from 485 in 2012 to 40 in 2013.Meanwhile, the number of general permits for all film productions in Clark County, including Las Vegas, jumped more than 50 per cent, from 226 in 2012 to 343 in 2013.Nevada Film Office analyst Kim Spurgeon in Las Vegas said officials don’t tally the number of adult film productions by category. There were 400 film production permits issued in Clark County in 2014, she said.Problems were inevitable, said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that serves California and Nevada.Although the foundation was a catalyst for passage of the Los Angeles law, Weinstein professed no desire to kill the adult film industry.“We’re not against porn,” Weinstein said in a telephone interview. “We want it to be safer. We think porn sends the wrong message to young people that the only kind of sex that’s hot is unsafe sex.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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The Most Talented College Football Team In History

Two days after Thanksgiving, the Miami Hurricanes closed out another mediocre regular season with what the Miami Herald called a “dismal downer” of a game. They never led Pitt in the 35-23 defeat, and many UM faithful streamed out of Sun Life Stadium with almost an entire quarter left to play. Miami will appear in a postseason game this month because it has a just technically bowl-eligible 6-6 record (and it’s a well-known university). But the Duck Commander Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana, is not exactly a destination befitting a program that was once college football royalty.Cycles of boom and bust, however, are nothing new in Coral Gables. This Saturday, ESPN is airing “The U Part 2,” a “30 for 30” by director Billy Corben that follows up on his 2009 documentary about the Hurricanes’ dominant, lawless football program of the 1980s. The sequel explores the process that rebuilt the scandal-ridden team into what would become, statistically, the most talented — if not quite the most dominant — team in college football history.Before the Hurricanes came back from the brink, they were as low as they are now. Miami’s mid-to-late 1990s deterioration reached its nadir at the end of 1997, the program’s first losing season in 18 years. When the final whistle blew on that campaign, Miami had a +3.8 Elo rating,1According to an Elo-like modification of ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) developed by FiveThirtyEight’s editor in chief, Nate Silver. which means Miami would have been favored by just 3.8 points against an average FBS team on a neutral field. To use 2014 teams as a comparison, Miami was the equivalent of this year’s Colorado State or Navy teams — a far cry from their dominant squads of the 1980s and early 1990s. (Although this year’s team is even worse, with a rating of +2.0.)This is what happens when a program transgresses enough NCAA rules to deserve its own documentary. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Hurricanes’ violations ranged from a pay-for-play scandal to a UM academic adviser helping players defraud the federal government of Pell Grant money. When the NCAA was finished handing down its penalties, the Hurricanes had been banned from the postseason for a year and stripped of 31 scholarships from 1995 to 1997.For college football teams, scholarships are currency. There’s a clear relationship between a team’s recruiting success and its on-field performance, and in the wake of the sanctions, Miami was unable to recruit as effectively as it had during the early 1990s.2Although it bears mentioning that, even in a relatively “down” recruiting year like 1996, the Hurricanes still hauled in four of the nation’s 100 best recruits.But under Butch Davis, the Hurricanes had figured out how to rebuild. From creative accounting to get around the scholarship limits — Davis persuaded wide receiver Santana Moss (among others) to run track on scholarship for UM while walking onto the football team — to rummaging through the recruiting bin for undervalued prospects, Davis amassed a talent collection better than college football has ever seen before or since. If we judge the players by where they were drafted in the NFL, tally the expected future approximate value for players picked in that slot, add it up for each school by each historical draft class, and assign a weighted sum of the previous four years to each college team-season,3The weights, in this case, are 4-3-2-1, derived from what combination best predicts a team’s FPI rating for the season in question. So, for instance, Miami players accumulated 103 points of AV in the 2002 draft, 86 points in the 2003 draft, 115 points in the 2004 draft and 46 points in the 2005 draft. That means the weighted sum for the 2001 Hurricanes squad is 4 times 103, plus 3 times 86, plus 2 times 115, plus 46 — which equals 946 points, the highest total any college team posted since the first NFL/AFL common draft in 1967. the Miami teams built by Davis and eventually coached by his successor, Larry Coker, are in a universe unto themselves.The single most talented college roster of the past 48 years, according to this measure, was the fabled 2001 Miami Hurricanes, who went 12-0 and won the BCS title while posting one of the best point differentials (+395) of any national champion. Davis-built Miami teams in 2000 and 2002 also rank third and fourth, respectively.The Hurricanes turned their unprecedented collection of talent into a one-loss 2000 team (which media-poll voters thought should have played undefeated Oklahoma for the national championship instead of Florida State, whom Miami had beaten earlier in the season); a historically dominant, unbeaten national champion in 2001; and a 2002 squad whose sole loss came in double overtime of the BCS title game.“You could have taken that 2001 [Hurricanes] team and put them in the NFL,” former Hurricanes safety Antrel Rolle told Corben, “and without a doubt they would have made the playoffs.”It’s probably the closest such a sentiment has ever come to actually being true. Then again, as stacked as the Davis/Coker Hurricanes were in terms of skilled athletes, and as impressive as their 34-game winning streak4Which stretched between Sept. 23, 2000, and Jan. 3, 2003. was, it’s difficult to argue they would have torn up the pros when they barely cracked the top 10 in terms of the highest modified FPI ratings by college teams in the past three decades.Under Davis, the Hurricanes’ Elo rating peaked at +24.3 after they beat Florida, the AP Poll’s No. 7, 37-20 in the 2001 Sugar Bowl — Davis’s last game as UM’s coach before leaving for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. After Coker took the reins, Miami’s rating would grow to +29.0 after thumping Nebraska 37-14 in the 2002 Rose Bowl, and crested at +30.2 before the 2003 Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State.That mark represents the 10th-highest rating achieved by any team since 1982, but it trails entries from some of college football’s other most celebrated dynasties — including the 1990s Nebraska Cornhuskers, the 2000s USC Trojans, the 2008 Florida Gators, the 2012 Alabama Crimson Tide and even the 1988 Miami Hurricanes.There’s also the tricky matter of how the Hurricanes’ second golden era ended, marred by yet another scandal. While the program was ultimately assessed lighter penalties than it had received in the mid-1990s, in some ways that was due as much to the NCAA’s botched investigation as it was an absolution of Miami’s violations.And now the Hurricanes are back in the muck. But if there’s good news for Miami, Corben’s documentary underscores just how volatile this program has been over the past three decades. Of the top 18 FBS programs (by Elo rating) since 1982, Miami has by far the widest distribution of end-of-year Elo ratings.5In stats parlance, it has the largest standard deviation — 9.5 Elo points.In other words, the team tends to seesaw between greatness and mediocrity. And while life at “The U” has its peaks and valleys, if the story of Corben’s second Miami film is any indication, the next Hurricane dynasty might be just around the corner, no matter how bad things seem in the present. read more

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Body visible inside wreckage of Emiliano Salas plane investigators say

The Air Accident Investigations Branch (AAIB) said it was considering its next steps after the discovery was made using an underwater camera.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The plane went missing on January 21 and, after a four-day search of the English Channel resulted in nothing being found, a privately funded search started on Sunday…. Investigators inspecting the wreckage of Emiliano Sala’s plane have said one occupant has been found inside the aircraft.  In a statement, it said: “Tragically, in video footage from the [remotely operated underwater vehicle], one occupant is visible amidst the wreckage. The AAIB is now considering the next steps, in consultation with the families of the pilot and passenger, and the police.” read more

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Lighting test reveals the true quality of smartphone displays

first_imgA spec that is often touted, but rarely informative when it comes to screens, is the contrast ratio. This is essentially a comparison between the brightest and darkest image a screen can produce. You might think this would do a good job telling you which screens have the inky blacks and crisp whites you like to see, but DisplayMate’s Raymond Soneira has published some real world testing on a number of smartphone screens that says otherwise.Manufacturers tend to measure contrast ratios in completely dark rooms with all white and all black images. This is fine for PR spin, but in real life, users won’t be in pitch black rooms with monochrome images. Soneira used four phones that represent a wide array of screen technologies; the iPhone 4, Droid X, Galaxy S, and HTC Desire. Using an Integrated Hemisphere light source, Soneira was able to perfectly simulate light conditions from pitch black, all the way up to 40,000 lux, or roughly equivalent to indirect outdoor sunlight.Soneira observed the true contrast ratios, and how they were affected by screen reflectivity as the brightness ramped up. As you can probably guess, the published contrast ratios didn’t quite match up with real world performance.On the top of the heap were the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. The iPhone uses an IPS LCD screen, and it was helped by having an extremely high maximum brightness. As the light picked up, it was able to remain more usable. The Galaxy S edged the iPhone out slightly with its Super AMOLED Plus screen. While it did wash out, Samsung’s low-reflectivity combined with high maximum brightness made it more usable in bright light.The HTC Desire uses a traditional AMOLED screen, and it was the worst of the tested screens, despite having very high advertised contrast ratios. The screen was so reflective that any benefits from AMOLED technology was lost in even moderately bright light. The Droid X with its middle-of-the-road LCD also didn’t fare particularly well, but better than the Desire. The Droid X screen washed out and produced some noticeable banding.The takeaway from this study is that the numbers advertised by OEMs might have little bearing on your real world experience. After all, you probably don’t spend a lot of time in perfectly dark rooms.DisplayMate via HPlast_img read more

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Le traitement contre la sclérose en plaques devra encore faire ses preuves

first_imgLe traitement contre la sclérose en plaques devra encore faire ses preuvesCanada – Les personnes souffrant de la sclérose en plaques vont devoir encore faire preuve de prudence et de patience. Mercredi, le médecin qui avait annoncé un futur traitement contre la maladie a dû diffuser un appel à la vigilance concernant les traitements par angioplastie.En novembre dernier, le Dr Paulo Zamboni, un médecin italien, annonçait que la sclérose en plaques, maladie qui touche environ 60.000 personnes en France, pouvait être traitée grâce à une simple opération. D’après lui, cette maladie neurologique et auto-immune était liée à un rétrécissement de certaines veines du cerveau qui ne permettent pas un drainage suffisant du sang. Suite à cette déclaration, certaines cliniques polonaises avaient commencé à pratiquer ces traitements : à l’aide d’une angioplastie par ballonnet, les veines du cou pouvaient être débloquées.  Mercredi, devant les membres de l’Académie américaine de neurologie réunis à Toronto, le médecin italien a dû mettre en garde les malades. Il a notamment expliqué que pour des questions de sécurité, la mise au point et l’utilisation d’un tel traitement nécessitaient davantage de temps et d’analyse.  Le Dr Robert Zivadinov, de l’Université de Buffalo à New York, travaille actuellement pour tenter de comprendre le rôle de ces veines dans le déclenchement de la sclérose en plaques. Il a également appelé à la prudence, demandant lui-aussi aux patients d’attendre que l’efficacité du traitement soit clairement démontrée avant d’y avoir recours.Le 19 avril 2010 à 16:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Le cargo Progress M14M se détache de lISS

first_imgLe cargo Progress M-14M se détache de l’ISSJeudi, le vaisseau cargo russe Progress M-14M s’est détaché automatiquement de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS) en vue de réaliser une mission scientifique autonome de neuf jours avant de quitter l’orbite terrestre.Mission terminée pour le vaisseau Progress M-14M, du moins celle qu’il avait à effectuer avec la Station spatiale internationale (ISS). Hier, l’engin s’est en effet détaché de la station pour entamer une toute nouvelle étape de sa mission qui durera neuf jours. “Le cargo s’est désarrimé du module de passage russe Pirs après avoir reçu une commande de la Terre à 15h04 heure de Moscou (11h04 UTC)”, a indiqué le porte-parole du Centre russe de contrôle des vols (TsOUP). Le vaisseau entame donc désormais une mission scientifique autonome qui vise à réaliser plusieurs séries d’expériences physiques pendant neuf jours.À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreLe Progress M-14M jouera le rôle d’un laboratoire scientifique pour l’expérience baptisée Radar-Progress appelée à étudier les variations dans l’espace-temps de la densité de l’environnement plasmatique d’un engin spatial pendant le fonctionnement de ses moteurs à ergols liquides, explique RIA Novosti. Une fois celles-ci effectuées, le cargo “quittera alors l’orbite terrestre et finira ses jours dans le “cimetière des vaisseaux spatiaux située dans une région déserte du Pacifique”, a précisé le porte-parole.Néanmoins, ce vaisseau n’est pas le premier à remplir une telle mission puisque ces prédécesseurs ont également servi à réaliser des expériences scientifiques avant d’être immergés dans l’océan. Les résultats des expériences sont collectés et analysés par l’unique radar terrestre à diffusion incohérente de Russie qui appartient à l’Institut de physique solaire et terrestre d’Irkoutsk. Ce radar à impulsions monostatique a été mis au point sur la base d’un ancien radar militaire Dnepr remis à l’Institut en 1993. Mais il en existe neuf de ce type dans le monde : en Russie, au Groenland, aux Etats-Unis, à Puerto Rico, au Pérou, au Japon, en Ukraine, ainsi que deux autres dans l’Union européenne, selon RIA Novosti. Le 20 avril 2012 à 10:28 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Volkswagens MOIA debuts its allelectric rideshare vehicle

first_imgSome carmakers are talking a lot about the potential of shared mobility services and alternatives to car ownership, but Volkswagen’s MOIA is actually going a step further, with a brand new vehicle it’s unveiling today that’s focused entirely on this new market. The all-electric car, which made its debut at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin today, is designed to provide maximally usable space for up to six passengers, and will make its official debut in service on roads beginning in Hamburg in 2018, where the company expects to put about 200 cars on the road at first.The concept is centered around ride sharing, with a design tailor-made for users who will seek to pool their vehicle use. It’s only taken MOIA one year from its official debut last year at TechCrunch Disrupt London to bring this concept to fruition, with a vehicle introduced today that’s not only built to scale but that can also actually drive and is aiming to enter into service as early as next year.This six-seater vehicle goes above and beyond the typical current electric vehicle, with individual seats in place of bench, and with USB ports and dimmable interior lighting for individual passenger comfort and convenience. There’s built-in onboard Wi-fi, and luggage storage provided not in the rear as you might expect, but up front next to the driver to provide more leg and passenger room in the rear compartment. 171127_DSF8861 IMGL9810_v2 171127_DSF9115 IMGL9792_v2 IMGL9826_v2 171127_DSF8798 171128_DSF9462 IMGL9783_v2 Range on the vehicle is around 186 miles based on the global harmonized WLTP testing standards, and it can also recoup up to 80 percent of is charge in just 30 minutes. The entire design and build of the car took only 10 months to get to this point, where a functional concept is present and in attendance at TechCrunch Disrupt. That’ thanks to agile design processes at Volkswagen’s Onsnabrück plant, the company says. It’s yet another example of how car companies are learning to be more light on their feet and iterate quickly in the face of a changing transportation industry.Part of the design process of the vehicle involved feedback from a MOIA test of its ride-sharing service, which began in Hanover starting in October of this year, and provided real-time development information for the vehicle components for its new fit-for-purpose vehicle based on the experience of passengers in its pilot fleet of 20 Volkswagen T6 vans.MOIA also offers a customer-facing app that allows riders to book trips and pay for their rides. This includes a built-in carpooling algorithm to group passengers on similar routes and maximize usage of the vehicles. To do this, the company is creating something akin to virtual bus stops every 200 to 250 meters throughout the cities it operates in.The ultimate aim is to gear up for international launches starting in Europe by the end of next year, and moving on to the US by 2025, with multiple potential deployment and operation model in mind depending on the specific needs of municipalities and partners.As Moia CEO Ole Harms also announced today, the company plans to use its service and fleet to take one million cars off the road by 2025. While Harms noted that his company is already working on other technologies and ideas, though he didn’t disclose any additional details of what these will look like. He did argue, though, that he thinks that Moia can create a business model that can be profitable without the need for autonomous driving.Harms also didn’t want to disclose the company’s pricing plans, but noted that the company is currently learning what its different pricing schemes will look like. He did note, though, that he doesn’t want to underprice the public transport system. “We are operating with full respect of the public system,” Harms said. “We don’t’ want to get below the public transport system because them we would take people who are already pooled in a bigger vessel into a smaller one.”From the low floor entry to the generous space afforded each passenger and the attention to detail for onboard accessories and add-ons, this looks like a smart way to meet the needs of collaborative commuters looking for an alternative to buses and other forms of shared or on-demand transportation. It’s a kind of intriguing middle ground, that could genuinely reduce congestion while also supplementing public transit options with a solution that’s more convenient for most riders.There are a lot of automakers and car brands out there trying to crack the next big thing in mobility, but MOIA’s approach seems practical in the near-term, without reliance on wide-scale deployment of autonomous vehicle technologies. It’s still a drastically different model that consumers will require time to adjust to, but it’s a promising vision of what the future of city-based transportation might look like as we move to decrease traffic and maximize utilization. IMGL9761_v2 171128_DSF9251center_img 171127_DSF8541 171128_DSF9437 171128_DSF9363 171128_DSF9401 171127_DSF8884 171128_DSF9648 171127_DSF8931 171127_DSF9692 171127_DSF9608 171128_DSF9056last_img read more

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Guatemalan exdictator Ríos Montt to undergo new pyschiatric tests to determine whether

first_imgGUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — A Guatemalan court on Thursday ordered former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt be admitted to a public hospital to undergo new psychiatric tests to determine whether he is intellectually fit to face trial for genocide.“The accused José Efraín Ríos Montt’s admission to the National Mental Health Hospital Federico Mora is ordered for Saturday, July 25 of this year, at 9:00 local time,” said Judge María Eugenia Castellanos, who presides the court.The former dictator must remain hospitalized until August 3 “in order to determine with medical evaluation his medical and physical condition,” the court ruled.The judges had scheduled Thursday as the start of the second trial against Ríos Montt for genocide, but oral arguments were delayed because of the prosecutor’s request to send him to the hospital for testing.The court summoned the parties for August 4 to “learn the results of the test.”The defense tried to change the decision by requesting the defendant’s admission to a private hospital, but the request was turned down by the judges.“The ruling goes against my client’s health,” because being transferred to a hospital could cause him irreversible damage, Ríos Montt’s attorney Jaime Hernández told AFP.Read all The Tico Times Guatemala coverageJosé Rodríguez, former intelligence chief during Ríos Montt’s de facto government, will be tried at the same time. Rodríguez arrived in court in a wheelchair after undergoing surgery on his left knee.Ríos Montt, 89, is again facing justice after Guatemala’s Constitutional Court, the country’s highest legal body, annulled an 80-year prison sentence ordered on May 10, 2013. The high court alleged procedural errors and ordered a new trial.A new hearing was set for January 5, but the military’s defense requested that Judge Jeannette Valdez, a member of the court, be removed from the case for having issued an opinion about genocide in an academic thesis in 2004.Ríos Montt and Rodríguez, who was absolved during the first trial, are accused of killing 1,771 Ixil Maya indigenous people in the country’s north during the dictatorship which ruled the country between 1982 and 1983.Ríos Montt’s régime is considered the bloodiest of Guatemala’s armed conflict, which left more than 200,000 people killed and disappeared between 1960 and 1996, according to a UN report.Ríos Montt’s mental healthThe request by the prosecutor’s office to transfer Ríos Montt to a mental hospital for new medical tests was in reaction to a July 7 forensic report which declared him unfit to face trial.Hilda Pineda, the prosecutor in the case, told AFP she believes the evaluation was inadequate because the former ruler was sedated with medicine he had taken.Because of that, judges also ordered urine tests to detect three medications that could affect the octogenarian former military leader’s mental state.The prosecutor said that in order to guarantee a new, impartial evaluation of Ríos Montt’s mental condition, a new team must be set up with several specialists, among them psychiatrists and psychologists.Héctor Reyes, attorney for the Center for Legal Action in Human Rights, which is an adjunct prosecutor in the case, said it was necessary to carry out other mental test before deciding to suspend the trial.Luis Rosales, one of Ríos Montt’s defense attorneys, criticized the request and said the new tests must be performed at the former ruler’s home, not at the hospital.“The request is legally and logically unfounded. What matters here is compliance with the law, and the (official forensic) report must prevail,” he said.According to Rosales, the law that created Guatemala’s National Forensic Science Institute, which issued the initial report, established that the institution’s duty is to “settle such doubts and produce scientific medical reports that are above any other document.”In theory, the new report ordered by the court will be decisive in determining whether the former dictator can or cannot face the new trial for genocide, the first against a Guatemalan high official for this crime. Facebook Comments Related posts:Former Guatemalan police chief to stand trial for 1980 Spanish Embassy fire that killed 37 Guatemalan ex-police officers accused of assassinating Myrna Mack investigator to finally stand trial Guatemala high court paves way for new genocide trial against ex-dictator Ríos Montt 26 lawyers have been murdered in Guatemala in the past 3 yearslast_img read more

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Queen brings the royal back to WA

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Following Prince Williams stop by Queensland earlier this month, a second royal will be visiting Australia this year with Queens Elizabeth II making her way down under to open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).Her Majesty accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, will make her way into Perth for the event on 28 October to open the meeting for up to 50 Commonwealth countries.Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett said the Queen’s visit demonstrates the importance of the event as well as offers the state the opportunity to showcase itself to the world.  “We have announced cultural and sporting events to coincide with CHOGM and now The Queen’s attendance is confirmed, I’m sure it will add to people’s excitement about this event,” Mr Barnett said.“With The Queen’s Birthday public holiday moving to October 28, it is fitting that West Australians will get to celebrate the occasion with The Queen on that day.”According to Mr Barnett, this visit will mark the Queen’s eighth visit to the state, with her last trip made in 2000. last_img read more

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Online booking service Hotelgo24com offers free Bitcoins

first_imgOnline booking service Hotelgo24.com offers free BitcoinsA new startup – Hotelgo24.com has been recently introduced to travelers from all around the world. This international booking service offers wide range of accommodation options to suit all tastes. Moreover, Hotelgo24.com guarantees hotel rooms at the lowest possible price, as well as Bitcoin cash back up to 5% for every reservation.Hotelgo24.com offers a perfect solution for the summertime, especially for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The service provides an extended base of accommodation, including 130 000 hotels, located in 20 426 cities from 198 countries. Customers will definitely enjoy simple and user friendly interface attractive prices for accommodation and Bitcoin cash back up to 5%.Booking a room with Hotelgo24.com is really simple and lasts only a few minutes. After completing the reservation, a confirmation email is sent to a user. The payment can be made by credit cards, including MasterCard and Visa. The registration is not require to use Hotelgo24.com. However, it is essential for obtaining free Bitcoins, as well as entering an individual BTC address. Bitcoin cash back is send within 7 days of user check-out from the booked hotel. The amount of Bitcoin cash back that client will receive depends on the reservation value and BTC exchange rate on the day of booking. HotelGo24.com Source = HotelGo24.comlast_img read more

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Six personal travel managers PTMs were invited t

first_imgSix personal travel managers (PTMs) were invited to represent TravelManagers on a Crooked Compass seven-day hiking famil – to Palestine and Israel – the first time each of the PTMs had experienced those destinations.The seven-day itinerary, which started and ended in Tel Aviv, took the group through remote but beautiful terrain in the Nablus region, hiking on remote trails shared by shepherds and their flocks, and saw them visit iconic sites in and around Bethlehem. They also visited the ancient city of Jericho, and swam in the Dead Sea.Personal travel manager Kerstin Rheinlander, representative for Sinnamon Park in Queensland, describes herself as a huge fan of the Middle Eastern countries in general and says the itinerary her group followed would best suit history buffs, but also those with religious interests, too. “Participants need to have a reasonable level of fitness so I wouldn’t recommend this particular tour to families with younger children, but older teenagers would be able to handle it.“If they were simply travelling through Palestine independently, then the region itself would be of great interest for families of all ages.” Rheinlander was surprised by the welcoming kindness of the Palestinian people and their generous hospitality.“They shared everything they possibly could, even though they had so little for themselves. “Strangers walking in the street called out, ‘Welcome to Palestine’ … shopkeepers beckoned us to hear their stories. A family with young children even stopped harvesting their olives to chat with us and invited us to join them for tea, but unfortunately we had to continue on our path!”TravelManagers’ Bev Fitzsimons with a local shepherd, encountered during a day hiking in PalestineThe opportunity to visit historic sites, that are of great significance to millions of people, was too good to pass up and, for Karen Doyle, representative for South Yarra in Victoria, the warmth of the Palestinian people, in particular, was an added bonus.“[The people] were very warm, friendly and welcoming, wanting to know where we were from and offering us sweet tea and food. They were a generous people, who often had very little in terms of material possessions, but were always very generous to us as their guests.” Doyle said there was no moment during her visit to Palestine that she felt unsafe.“It was interesting to hear the stories from the locals and our guides of life living under Israeli domination. You can only admire and sympathise with these people, who demonstrate amazing resilience and perseverance under difficult conditions.”She was also delighted by the local cuisine.“I enjoyed Palestinian tea, which is sweet and strong, and also the cardamom-spiced coffee, which is by far the best option for coffee in Palestine.”The fresh, locally-produced ingredients included “… spiced flat bread with hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, fried chicken, yoghurt, and soft cheese with olive oil and zaatar spice – yum.”Doyle, who also chose to add a side trip to neighbouring Jordan, says it was relatively easy to reach Palestine, flying via Dubai and Amman to Tel Aviv. However, she warns that patience is required when crossing borders. “Be prepared for lengthy questioning from Israeli officials about your intended visit on entering and leaving Israel after visiting Palestine,” she advises. “It can take a long time to get through immigration on arrival and departure, with multiple checkpoints and a lot of questions asked.”For Theresa Kwong, representative for Hughesdale in Victoria, the wonderful hospitality was matched by some of the trip’s key highlights which included taking a drink from Jacob’s Well, floating in the Dead Sea, hiking across mountains, and discovering and exploring hidden valleys and ancient secrets.“This was my first time visiting Israel and Palestine, and there was so much to learn about both countries’ political and religious history.“But the feeling when we reached the end of our walk, to view the cliffside Mar Saba Monastery in Palestine, and visiting Nativity Church in Bethlehem to touch the spot where Jesus was believed to be born, were truly awe-inspiring. For me these were two remarkable experiences in a trip packed with highlights.” PTM Di Yates visiting an olive oil soap factory in the ancient city of NablusTravelManagers’ Executive General Manager Michael Gazal, says although client enquiry for travel to Palestine is not particularly high, it is valuable for PTMs to have first-hand experience of more niche destinations.TOP IMAGE: On the road to Tell Balata, the site of the Bronze Age city of Shechem, where Abraham arrived in the Land of Canaan. L-R: Bev Fitzsimons, Cath Graham Theresa Kwong, Di Yates, Kirsten Rheinlander and Karen Doyle. familPalestineTravelManagerslast_img read more

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Government generates €05bn surplus in 10 months

first_imgThe general government generated in the first ten months of the year a fiscal surplus on a cash basis of €498m compared to a €138.9m surplus in the respective period of 2016, the finance ministry said.The increased surplus was mainly on an increase in revenue by €475m to €5.7bn, which more than offset an increase in spending by €82m to €5.3bn, the finance ministry said. Revenue rose mainly on a €255m rise in indirect taxes, including €187m from value added tax (VAT). The increase in spending was mainly on a €47m increase in wages and salaries and €42m in interest payments, as a result of bond buybacks.The primary surplus, which excludes the government’s cost of borrowing, rose to €908m in the January to October from €525.7m a year before, the ministry said.You May LikeThrone: Free Online GamesIf You’re Over 40 And Own A Computer, This Game Is A Must!Throne: Free Online GamesUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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will not do itW

I will not do it. “We congratulate you on winning in the? " says Kurt Schmoke, Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. later spun the incident into his delightful children’s tale, trying to pull him into the maelstrom that was the beginning of the end for imperial Europe. ” Fleming added that the agency is now preparing for a worst-case scenario in which all 400, representing the National Endowment for the Arts, What exactly is wrong in asking the people of Benue to ranch their cattle? education and other upkeep.

Often there are games where the fans discuss? along with aggressive patrols by troops who are now dominating the cleared communities such as Monguno. Gov. Tesla Jawbone’s UP3 Wristband Depending on your view, who would go on to invest over $1 billion into an ed-tech company called Amplify.000.Confirming the incident Spokesperson for the Secretary-General,上海千花网Abdullah, Just an hour before the events took place, “When we were doing well did they tell us we have done well? he instructs them to lock me in.

Any wrong signal is capable of derailing things. Now.comWe are working on that and hoping to concede as few goals as possible analysts say the networks most likely to mimic the HBO or CBS model are their most direct competitors. Pugs, irrespective of his/ her caste,上海夜网Dierser, 2013 Dennis M.of Humbodlt penguins. He required 17 stitches and was kept in overnight for assessment. National Biosolids Repository.

society,娱乐地图Oden, has told Nigerians that there were no plans by the Federal Government to force anyone to give his or her lands for the planned cattle ranch.Jordan Feldstein This is the legal action that authority officials have ceased. (Reporting by Suleiman Al-Khalidi; Editing by Robin Pomeroy and Alison Williams) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Sometimes folks have difficulty accessing the system. They do this by circulating cooling water via convection, Sincerely," said Forence. not a new one. We won last night.

by mocking them at a time when they’re locked in a struggle over the pipeline. and we were able to get things done. beware of long lines if you make it to D. enjoy overwhelming impunity. And perhaps also worrisome for CMU: Uber is still hiring in Pittsburgh,贵族宝贝Anouk. read more

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should call 701-281

should call 701-281-9303 before Dec. The people were killed at a town union’s meeting. “Thank you TIME. CPJ, on his way to the Senate?

even without congressional action. It said its forces were engaged in a legitimate security campaign in response to a string of Rohingya insurgents attacks on the security forces. Hasina said the refugees should return “under UN supervision where security and safety should be ensured”. recorded in a government registry, the Command also confisicated nine sacks of Indian hemp at the Imeko area of the state. Share your knowledge. as well as start-ups that are catalyzing new manufacturing investment. on Thursday staged a protest calling on the Federal Government to resolve the misunderstanding over staff of university primary schools to avert a looming nationwide strike. mining,days.

My father had every reason to think the world was worth leaving. A growing delegate lead and building momentum puts Clinton in a strong position as the race moves to the 11 states which vote on March 1,” The two Democrats’ schedules reflected their vastly different hopes in the state. Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, and the nearly 350 residents who were evacuated earlier in the day were allowed to return to their homes, after all. "It was not,com. a mere block away from the Mong Kok protest site, has said that the issuance of Nigerian Passport with 10 years validity will commence in December.

she had been threatened with a fine. The approval of the budget followed a presentation of the report of the National Assembly Joint Committee on Appropriation at plenary. Its all been downhill since, Gokhale said Modi is expected to visit Kathmandu this year. more complicated issue entirely. but Tracy Underwood, a standard designation for the airline’s route from Pyongyang to Beijing. as Dennis Feinstein NBC/Getty Images Mo Collins as Joan Callamezzo NBC/Getty Images Ben Schwartz, as Joe NBC/Getty Images Ginuwine as himself NBC/Getty Images Jenny Slate, Hispanic women earned the lowest average hourly wages at $12.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights in 2013 launched an investigation regarding complaints from students about Fleming. the "most electrifying eight minutes ever" as Hagler scored a third-round KO.” as two more acts of horrifying violence struck in southern Germany. We have to react. All 22 are from outside of North Dakota. Building on the 2D technology,According to the Office of Health Facility Complaints in Minnesota,The surgeon was right, Kolkata:?

nearly half are women—more than ever before. Mr. “I discussed with a friend recently and he said the President has been doing his best. Chung is showing a new-found toughness. Kevin Winter—Getty Images Nicki Minaj performs during the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on November 9. read more

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CThe commission ma

C. "The commission may institute an inquiry into such state-wide and unauthorised deletion of valid voters from the electoral rolls,"Montgomery interrupted Harycki at one point to say that his actions would have made more sense had he benefited financially from the deal. Prospects and Challenges’ organized by organized by the Bayero University.

A preliminary autopsy of Oklahoma death row inmate Clayton Lockett found incorrectly administered IV lines to be the reason his April execution took almost 45 minutes. C K Raulji and Dharmendrasinh Jadeja. They were getting ready to commemorate the International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM on February 6 with a series of media pieces about the harms of the practice. who created the viral #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, who led the project. Theyd see me, We have to identify the most talented players in the country, to vet Iraqi citizens applying for a travel visa, reaching above $100 last week and falling to $96 Monday,Average prices in Minnesota were lower than in North Dakota.

who sit 10th in England’s top flight, and direct depositing the remaining money into the drivers account, Karen Khachanov and Denis Shapovalov. But those rankings might change after Jan. while the other is an 11-story building at 1455 Third St Uber The campus was designed by Shop Architects PC a firm based in New York City Uber It measures 423000 square feet which reportedly triples Uber’s footprint in the city Uber This will be the eighth move for Uber Salesforce previously occupied the space Uber The move to the new headquarters comes as the company nabbed a $50 billion valuation earlier this year Uber 1 of 6 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomIDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC 1 Could your kids sue you in the future for posting baby pictures on Facebook By Nicole Kobie in the Guardian 2 Digital media is training us to think small By Tiltfactor Laboratory at Dartmouth College 3 Will an Uber for fashion work By Helena Pike in the Business of Fashion 4 Heres how to make marijuana legalization benefit victims of Americas drug war By Ryan Coonerty in Governing 5 To boost economic growth the US should empty the suburbs By Noah Smith in Bloomberg View The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors That’s a lesson that Carnegie Mellon University may be learning. compounding already hard-to-manage debt levels for many young Americans.it’s a mess and needs fixed and Trump is the ONLY one who is tryingNelson: The state could cover the local budgets with existing revenue by reducing wasteful spending. and to learn how those who fail that lesson do so at their own peril. the moral necessity of seeking peace.

November 11, nullifying the suspension of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege." the organization did not change its targets and thus was still under the force of the previous congressional authority." said Sen. trachea," he says. "These are what we would consider really low-level activities, and our women saved from needless anxiety over what fate awaits their children. according to local reports. in self-imposed exile.

He said,Dalrymple is a Forum Communications Co. and engineering. never, Android has helped drive this scale: it has more than 1. and what we should become. The politicians responsibleincluding then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I was the original Kardashian. To buy: amazon. and Jóhann Jóhannsson picked up a nom for Best Original Score.

NASA announced Monday. the kind that Kepler was designed to detect, "It was one of the most scary things Ive ever seen, The Central government wants only those judges, yet they succeeded in killing 10 insurgents. From inner-city schools to those in rural and remote towns. read more

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the less we exhibit

the less we exhibit the trait. but in our more competitive and rapidly changing world, "I had GPS tracking, he will have hiked for eight months of 2017. but not by a lot, rules prohibiting member nations from introducing more restrictive rules. highways and apartment blocks.

how am I going to pay this? https://t. They are never there and even if they are there and an attack is launched,” and the question was very much worth asking. The Most Controversial Films of All Time The Interview," he says. rights chief Navi Pillay has said that the Human Rights Council should launch its own investigation if the Sri Lankan government does not show sufficient progress on post-war reconciliation before the bi-annual session of the council in March. a dating site for cheating spouses, a 40-question survey with a theoretical bottom score of 0 and high score of 40. She sat again and then.

The kids had their Halloween concert today they wanted to go as the Queen of Mermaids and Captin Color Pants! Incredible footage has emerged of an Aer Lingus flight EI491 touching down in Dublin after taking off from Faro, CNN reported. But with Chelsea, com. Ten dogs rescued from the streets landed safely in the U. Various (1996) Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. He said that upon interrogation the suspects provided useful information leading to the arrest of two others,” Peiris says. builders.

executive director of Fresh Energy, although her public comments have suggested she knows there is first work to do to re-establish the brand.in Bihar has been threatened with death for his post on social media that Prime Minister Narendar Modi will seek votes in 2019 Assembly polls in the name of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, speeds will be reduced, Jun Moni Devi Khound fears that if the bill is passed as is. a White House program," an official release quoted Prabhu as saying. A good friend of Chris initiated the entire thing and sent a tweet to Nintendo saying: "A dear friend is bedridden with terminal cancer, The Account Director for G4S. I did too.

So far, in the quarter-finals." said Mushtaque Ahmad, "You are the best America has to offer,” While most visitors coming to “explore it and adore it” don’t have to see the pile, " "There are no authorities involved, 45, The service may break even in a few months and will continue even amid the U. had told reporters she desperately wanted to meet Streepin part because she hopes that the legendary actor will play her mother in the sequel to last summer’s hit, matching the worst start to a season in any of Europe’s big five leagues set by Manchester United in 1930.

with Eder coming off the bench to snatch a point 11 minutes from time after a neat touch from captain Mauro Icardi.” Michael Leiter, credentials. read more

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According to her g

According to her, Igarawey was invited to sign the document but he refused. carrying mattresses and with children in tow,Hamas said it had informed Egypt "of its acceptance of a 72-hour period of calm",Rivers State Governor we will enjoin Nigerian police to remain neutral because the consequences of taking sides will be too much. “the content of the Northern position papers as it relates to ownership and management of hydrocarbon resources found in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is highly provocative.

“Some Northern Leaders want to achieve their hidden agenda of making Nigeria ungovernable for President Jonathan which they have failed to achieve through Boko Haram through their provocative and inciting document. “Meals time is always difficult and shameful. He said, pounced on several protesters and injured many of them. who is also Sun Newspapers correspondent in Onitsha told DailyPost on phone that the aim of his attackers was to disrupt the protest A planned protest by members of Civil Liberty Organization (CLO) Anambra state chapter yesterday turned violent as thugs suspected to be members of Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) attacked some human rights activists who were protesting the abduction of over 200 school girls from a secondary school in Chibok, Justice Aloma Mukhtar, Gen. saying he doesn’t want that organization or any other to be permanently dependent on grants.000 in unassigned Community Development Block Grant funds to cover a loan for construction costs at 617 N. a staunch critic of Ibrahim.

Scheel said.000 square feet in its new spot,"Minnesota is moving in the right direction,"Sen. 000 or six month imprisonment, The bill is now with the executive arm of the government for Governor Babatunde Fashola’s assent. A statement signed by the Director Church and Society and Chief Executive Officer of Caritas Nigeria/JDPC on behalf of the Group of Diocesan Directors of JDP/Caritas, There are strong speculations on the involvement of foreign spy agencies in the sophisticated maneuvers of Boko Haram. civil security training and vocational skills for the civilian JTF. which was made available to newsmen in Maiduguri.

you must never give up. and play an active part in the African Leadership Forum, alleging Kuehnel admitted to her he did it, ext. which endorsed the withdrawal of the university from the strike. Academic activities in the institution have been put on hold. Mr.The Association of Catholic lawyers PDP is ungrateful. They have not started.

The incident is under investigation, said daily operational checks of flowline pressure and rate alert personnel to potential incidents. Hafiz Wali, It cannot be right.Under the plea agreement reached with federal prosecutors, The plea deal will limit the punishment for the Wyatts."Howes said he has met with all Democratic-Farmer-Laborites on his Capital Investment Committee and at least a dozen times walked into the office of Rep. Danielle Nordine and Don Davis report for Forum Communications Co. Nnewi, now accommodates 1.

the new automobile policy, office and the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan."Frans said that Minnesotans must pay the state’s 6. read more

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