Study of acceptable tourism capacities of the City of Labin

first_imgThe question arises of the optimal development of the City of Labin, which its overall economic development is largely based on the development of tourism. With this in mind, it is about tourism as an economic branch that requires constant adaptation to market trends while respecting specific spatial values, and all in order to make tourism sustainable and competitive, this study of Acceptable Tourism Capacities of the City of Labin was made.According to the local portal in Labin, the study caused a lot of discontent in certain segments, so after the public debate, according to unofficial data from the study, it is time to finish it.Studija je dobar zbroj i sistematizacija infrastrukturnih problema koje smo više manje i do sada znali kao što su ceste, parkiranje, odvodnja, voda, radna snaga, izjavio je Silvano Vlačić, labinski poduzetnik i nezavisni vijećnik labinskog Gradskog vijeća za Glas Istre, te  dodao da su navedene neke tvrdnje koje su po njemu vrlo dvojbene u smislu benefita i pozitivnih efekata za grad i građane. “In just one sentence, without any explanation, they claim that it is better for the City to have hotel guests, even if they are on All inclusive and spend practically nothing outside, than guests in private accommodation. I am commenting on a media article in a professional newspaper that says that family accommodation is based on private property of individuals and families, and only through taxes and lump sums it gives the state 400 million kuna a year directly, without the state investing a single penny. So, despite the current capacity of more than half a million beds in that accommodation, there is still room for its growth, even up to twice the number now. And this is not a problem if the tourist destination is managed in the right way, the reasons for arrival, events, events that will bring guests all year round are devised” izjavio je Vlačić.Attachment: Study of acceptable tourism capacities of the City of LabinIn the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”The Tourist Board of the City of Labin realized 11 percent more arrivals and 7 percent more overnight stays in eight monthsNa području Turističke zajednice Grada Labina je u kolovozu 2018. godine ostvareno je  49.035 dolazaka ili 5 % više, te 371.845 noćenja ili 3% više od lanjskog kolovoza. U prvih osam mjeseci ove godine ostvareno je 188.992 dolazaka što je porast od 11% u odnosu na lani, te1.180.777 noćenja ili  7% više u odnosu na isto lanjsko razdoblje. Udio stranih gostiju je 97%  s time da broj njihovih dolazaka povećan za 10% a broj ostvarenih noćenja je 8% viši nego u 2017.Udio domaćih gostiju je 3%. Oni bilježe 31% više dolazaka nego lani dok su noćenja 1% niža od ostvarenih u 2017. Nijemci su i dalje naši najbrojniji gosti s udjelom od 33% u ukupno ostvarenim noćenjima. Oni su ostvarili 15% više dolazaka i 9% više noćenja nego lani.  Slijede ih Austrijanci koji kontinuirano bilježe rast u našoj destinaciji . Oni bilježe 13% više dolazaka i 11% više noćenja nego lani, a udio u ukupnim noćenjima je 14%. Gosti iz Velike Britanije su treći sa 7% udjela u ukupno ostvarenim noćenjima, slijede gosti iz Slovenije s udjelom od 6%, pa gosti iz Italije s udjelom od 5%. The study Acceptable Capacities of Tourism of the City of Labin is being prepared because in the last decade from year to year there has been an increase in tourist traffic on the territory of the City of Labin but also on the coast of the entire Croatian Adriatic. During the peak of the summer tourist season, crowds are becoming more frequent, primarily on roads, parking lots, beaches and the old town of Labin.In addition to technical infrastructure (water and electricity supply, traffic jams, wastewater disposal, municipal waste disposal) which is at the peak of the tourist season during the peak season, challenges have been identified from a social point of view (because there are more and more misunderstandings between people tourism and those who do not deal with it), and disproportionate accommodation capacities between private apartments and hotels were observed. The Institute of Tourism has prepared a Draft Proposal of the Study of Acceptance Capacities of Tourism of the City of Labin for the City of Labin, which was held at the Public Conference from August 1 to August 31, 2018.last_img

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